Bees Bread - fermented Bee Pollen

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  • Healthy all-rounder with propolis, royal jelly, pollen and honey
  • The noble version of the flower pollen – rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals
  • Ideal as a dietary supplement to support the immune system
  • Without preservatives or other additives
  • Excellent value for money
Naturprodukte Natural products from the beehive
Versand Delivered with care
Traditionsbetrieb Traditional Black Forest honey manufactory since 1948

Bee bread, also called perga, is nothing more than flower pollen fermented by the bee with proportions of propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and honey. Some people talk about multi-talented bee bread, because there is something in it about every substance of the bees. Be it traces of honey, royal jelly or propolis.
In naturopathy, bee bread is used due to its variety of ingredients of valuable value to humans, such as proteins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. Especially among athletes, bee bread is popular as a protein supplier as a dietary supplement.

Bee bread is obtained by careful pricking of the honeycombs at great expense. This is done without fumigation or irradiation of the bees. We make every effort to ensure that our bee bread does not contain any preservatives or other additives.

For many of our long-standing regular customers, healthy bee bread is part of daily consumption.

Our bee bread tip: Compared to flower pollen, bee bread does not need to be solved. It can be eaten directly, e.B. in cereal, yoghurt or dessert. Adults should approx. 2g (14-15 grains) and children up to 12 years approx. 0.5g (4-5 grains).

Content: 250g

Do not use in case of allergy or intolerance to bee products. Do not store within reach of children. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

What is pollen?
The pollen is the male reproductive cells of the sperm plants, which are brought by the bees to the female part of the flowering plant. For the bee itself, the pollen means vital food, as well as nutrient carriers in the rearing of the bee brood. Without pollen, a bee colony cannot renew itself.

Scientific studies have shown that the pollen is an almost perfect food, with substances of valuable human value such as protein, fats (multiple unsaturated fatty acids), sugars, vitamins, minerals (especially potassium and phosphorus), amino acids and substances that inhibit bacterial growth. In addition, analyses have shown that flower pollen contains various trace elements in a variety and balance that no other food has.

With the pollen, all necessary trace elements are fed to the human body in the correct dosage. Already 30 grams of pollen per day counteracts symptoms caused by incorrect nutrition or illness.

Many of our long-standing customers report a significant improvement in general well-being after taking our Propolis capsules with pollen. Try it.
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Shipping weight‍: 0,30 kg
Item weight‍: 0,30 kg
Content‍: 250,00 g
Durchschnittl. Nährwerte je 100g
Energie: 393 Kcal
Fett: 9g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: 9g
Kohlenhydrate: 59,0g
davon Zucker: 9g
Eiweiß: 16g
Salz: 0g

Durchschnittl. Nährwerte je 100g
Energie: 393 Kcal
Fett: 9g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: 9g
Kohlenhydrate: 59,0g
davon Zucker: 9g
Eiweiß: 16g
Salz: 0g


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Item review

5 from 5 Delicious bee bread.

My first order of bee bread and I am very satisfied with the quality and taste of the product. Hönig-Schmidt have been very helpful throughout the ordering and follow-up process. I warmly recommend this supplier. Best regards, Christian

., 17.11.2021
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Dear Christian, thank you very much for your positiv review about the bee bread and our service. We are very happy about your recommendation. Enjoy your "Superfood". Best regards from Black Forest, Stefan from Honig-Schmidt

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