The propolis is a natural product that is responsible for the prevention of germs and pathogens in the hive. The bees prepare the putty substance from plant raw materials, Propolis consists mainly of pollen, waxes and resins. In the trade you get the miracle weapon of bees in different preparation forms, for example powders, drops, extracts and propolis granules are offered.

The solid dosages differ in the degree of their grain. For a propolis granulate, the raw propolis only needs to be roughly crushed, while it is finely ground for a powder. The powder is therefore suitable as a starting material for tinctures and extracts, because the fine digestion facilitates the release of the valuable ingredients. These include flavones, minerals and essential trace elements such as manganese, copper and iron, which can be extracted well from the powdered basic substance using an ethanolic solution. The Propolis powder is less suitable for direct consumption, because dry it tends to clump in the mouth.

In contrast to the Propolis powder, the Propolis granules can be chewed easily and carried handyin in a small bag or in a can. When travelling and on holiday, real Propolis fans always have their turbomaterial at hand, because the roughly shredded chunks are indestructible. One to two grains a day is enough to provide the body with all the power of the bee glue. The active ingredients are released from the hardened mass when chewing. The human saliva and strong teeth play their part in ensuring that the granules in the mouth are effectively opened up and adapt in their consistency to the sensitive esophagus.

In our shop you can buy high-quality, finely sifted Propolis, as well as other products with Propolis.

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