Flower pollen contains vitamins, proteins, growth substances, carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements.
Pollen can be consumed either regularly, which is highly recommended, or in several annual cures.
Pollen can be eaten grainy - chew well!- or even ground with butter and honey mixed as a spread. It can also be dissolved in warm liquid, but not hot, as it would be damaged.

Week 1: 4 Teel. Sober in the morning
Week 2: 4 Teel. In the morning sober , 4 Teel. Evening 1/4 hrs v.d Essen
3rd week: like 2nd week
4th week: like 1st week
After that: daily. 2-3 Teel. maintenance dose.
Children 5-15 years: half of the above amount.

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