Forest honey is our best-selling honey, which we ship almost daily all over the world.

Forest honey is a honeydew honey, i.e. the bees do not collect flower nectar, but a sticky liquid, which they process into honey. This liquid called honeydew is excreted by microorganisms, to be more precise of shield, leaf and gutting lice, and deposited on needles and leaves of the trees. These small creatures feed on the plant juice of the trees.

And now it's going to be exciting in terms of forest honey. Every forest honey and possibly the costume of each year tastes different, because the insects transform the plant juice in different ways. In addition, there are different tree species in mixed forests and the choice of trees that are flown by the bees also determines the taste. In any case, you will taste the variety of nature in forest honey, i.e. in forest honey you will find aromas of fir, spruce, oak, maple or pine.

Among connoisseurs, the white fir honey is the premium honey among the forest honeys. It is a varietal honey and very rare. It is not available indefinitely and if we offer it in the range, you should definitely secure something.

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But back to the forest honey. What makes forest honey so special?

Forest honey has a darker colour scheme and a slightly viscous consistency. It also possesses many valuable ingredients such as minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Due to the valuable ingredients, forest honey is often used for colds and complaints in the neck area. Due to the essential oils contained in the forest honey, this is used as a home remedy for bronchial diseases.

In addition, forest honey is often used in the kitchen, especially for the production of marinades and as an addition to strong meat dishes. But it is also used for baking. In our blog you will find many suggestions for cooking with forest honey in the "Recipes" section.

Due to its lower glucose content, forest honey remains liquid for longer than other honeys before crystallizing. Crystallization of honey is not a lack of quality – quite the opposite! Honey produced by the fact that the bees do not collect the nectar of flowers or the honeydew from trees, but by feeding them with sugar water contains no nutrients and does not crystallize.

Another tip for crystallization: you can liquefy the honey again by heating it in a water bath. Of course, very slowly and not above 40 degrees, so that the valuable ingredients are preserved in the forest honey.

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Make sure you buy high quality forest honey. Our gently harvested forest honey is carefully processed in our honey factory. We pay particular attention to the fact that the valuable ingredients contained in the forest honey are preserved. We take time to process the honey – and that's what you taste.

Our forest honey is honey in the best quality. We offer it in 4 variants: in honey glass of 500g or in a golden honey bucket of 1kg, 2.5kg or 4.7kg.

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More detailed information about all our honey strains can be found in our honey blog.

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