Fur care shampoo with honey and propolis

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Fur care shampoo with propolis for cats and dogs
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  • Mild shampoo with dandruff-prone fur
  • Specially adapted to the PH value of the skin of dogs and cats
  • With Propolis, the protective complex that protects bees from viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi
  • Without parabens and without silicones
  • Environmental friendly packaging made from green-PE based on sugar cane
Naturprodukte Natural products from the beehive
Versand Delivered with care
Traditionsbetrieb Traditional Black Forest honey manufactory since 1948

The fur care shampoo with honey and propolis is particularly suitable for dogs and cats with a tendency to flaky fur. Gentle ingredients clean the coat gently and gently. The special active ingredient formula made from honey, propolis and sulfur counteracts dandruff and ensures a healthy coat. Due to its caring properties, it is also especially suitable for sensitive animal skin and for puppies and kittens. The moisturizing shampoo for dogs and cats is not only suitable for sensitive animal skin, but is also easy to use.

Application: Distribute the grooming shampoo evenly over the wet coat, avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth. The amount of shampoo depends on the size and quality of the coat. Massage in gently and lather up a little. Then let it work for about 2 minutes. Rinse the fur thoroughly with warm water and repeat if necessary. Blow dry the coat or rub dry with a soft terry towel.

Why is fur care so important?
A well-groomed coat - with a dog or cat - doesn't just look good! Proper and regular fur care is an important contribution to the well-being of your four-legged favourite. Fur care cleanses and frees your pet from dirt, dead hair, fur knots and scales.
Why is grooming so important?
A well-groomed coat - for dogs or cats - doesn't just look good! Correct and regular grooming is an important contribution to the well-being of your four-legged friend. Grooming cleanses and removes dirt, dead hair, knots and dandruff from your pet.

When should I bathe my dog?
Dogs can be bathed from the 2nd month of life. How often a bath is necessary depends on the natural, also race-related condition of the coat / hair and on very individual behavior. So also how much your dog likes and how dirty it is! We recommend a bath if your dog smells unpleasant or has literally "rolled" around in the dirt. But also if he scratches himself a lot or has dull or dusty fur. Ask your veterinarian if you notice any noticeable changes on or in the dog's fur.

When should I bathe my cat?
Cats normally clean themselves, and very carefully! "Proper bathing" is therefore not always necessary and should be done less often than, for example, with dogs. However, if the cat's fur is dirty, dull, dusty, or if your cat smells unpleasant, then don't hesitate to bathe your cat. By the way: long-haired cats need a lot of grooming and therefore a bath every now and then.

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