Honey is not only delicious. He likes to be eaten, but he is also very healthy – and not just from the inside. The honey can also be used excellently on the outside, as the countless care products with honey prove. The honey is cleansing in the toiletries. It also strengthens the skin's acid protective mantle. Another important criterion is moisture retention. The honey ensures that the skin does not dry out.

But it is not only the skin that can benefit from the many good properties of honey. The hair also benefits from honey. It is not for nothing that the honey is also included in many shampoos and rinses. But such care products for the hair can also be easily produced by yourself. For this you usually only need products that you have in the house anyway. For example, in the care cure for silky shine.

For this hair cure, 100 ml of olive oil are heated. A tablespoon of honey is stirred into the heated oil. In addition, add an egg yolk and mix everything very well. This cure is now given strands for strands in the hair. However, the hair should not be washed beforehand. After the hair is completely covered with the cure, the cure is carefully massaged into the scalp. Now we have to wait. For about 15 minutes, the cure must act. Wrapped in a towel, the result becomes even more radiant and shiny.

After 15 minutes, the honey-oil cure is rinsed out of the hair. Now the hair should be washed with a mild shampoo. After drying, the hair is simply shiny and wonderfully soft. Brittle hair no longer has a chance.

If you don't want to make your own cosmetics, you will find many high-quality honey cosmetics items such as honey shampoo or honey quick cure in our shop,

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