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Royal jelly, the royal jelly that turns bees into queens, is something very special and precious from nature. It contains substances that slow down the breakdown of cells and organs and thus inhibit the aging process. With royal jelly, a queen bee lives approx. 50 times longer than a normal bee and lays up to 2000 eggs a day.

Despite the most modern analysis methods, it has not yet been possible to completely decipher this secret recipe from nature. The following valuable ingredients have so far been proven in royal jelly: protein, all essential amino acids, practically all essential vitamins (B group, C, E, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid), minerals, trace elements, enzymes, coenzymes, hormone-like substances , Fats, carbohydrates and water.

The ingredients of royal jelly can be essential for the human metabolism in the area of the cells and their renewal. The juice is said to have a stimulating effect on all renewal processes. Medical examinations have shown that the oxygen uptake of the tissue and the metabolism of humans are improved by giving royal jelly, the vitality and resistance to physical and mental stress are increased and the state of mind is lifted.

Royal jelly strengthens the body's defense mechanisms, improves the general condition, increases the vital energy potential and creates well-being. In cosmetics, the active ingredients of royal jelly are used to regenerate the skin's cells.

Buy 100% fresh and pure Royal Jelly now

From us you buy 100% pure royal jelly in premium quality. In capsule and powder form, royal jelly is known for its strengthening, vitalizing and regenerative properties. Our fresh royal jelly is particularly suitable for cosmetic use due to its valuable substances that promote the regeneration of skin cells, visibly rejuvenate the skin and thus counteract the aging process. Have you ever applied pure and fresh royal jelly to the wrinkles of eyes or weight? Try it out and save yourself all the expensive cosmetics made with synthetic fabrics.

Royal jelly fresh contains valuable carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides, essential fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins, hormones and trace elements. As the name suggests, only the most valuable ingredients for the queen bee.

Our royal jelly fresh must be stored in a chilled way. That's why we ship it well in isolation. In principle, royal jelly can be stored fresh (like any other bee product) excellently. In the refrigerator it can be used for at least 6 months up to 1 year. It can also be frozen and then lasts for several years at at least -18 degrees.

Our long-standing regular customers are enthusiastic about our royal jelly fresh.

Our Royal jelly fresh tip: Mix royal jelly fresh with honey simply on a delicious bread or in muesli, yoghurt or curd. For external use, we recommend to pat Jelly Royale fresh before bedtime and massage gently for a short time.

Content: 25g

Royal jelly, one of the highest quality bee products, is available from us in native, original form without additives. Our Royal jelly is shock-frosted immediately after harvest, so that all valuable ingredients are always preserved. Royal Jelly is subject to strict controls and is analysed in Germany for residues. You can be sure that you will always receive impeccable, high-quality royal jelly from us.

All products are manufactured under strict control and, of course, are not tested on animals. Do not use in case of allergy or intolerance to royal jelly. Do not store within reach of children. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Not recommended for asthmatics and allergy sufferers as there is a risk of an allergic reaction. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.

Important information for countries with hot temperatures: Fresh Royal Jelly needs to be cooled. Shippments for example to Saudi Arabia are not possilbe/recommended as per the longer shipping journey than 3 days. If you are still interested in pure Ryal Jelly, we recommend to buy our Royal Jelly Powder or the even easier to consume Royal Jelly capsules
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5 from 5 Gelee Royal

Das Gelee Royal ist frisch, ich benutze es unter der normalen Pflege. Werde ich wieder bestellen.

>Sandra., 04.04.2022
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Liebe Sandra, vielen Dank für die positive Bewertung unseres frischen Gelee Royals. Es freut uns, dass Sie so zufrieden damit sind. Alles Gute weiterhin und herzliche Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald, Stefan von Honig-Schmidt

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