HONIG-SCHMIDT aromatic Sunflower Honey

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  • High-quality, varietal natural honey with fine creamy consistency
  • Mild, not too sweet taste with cream-white hue
  • Obtained sustainably and processed extremely gently
  • From our honey manufactory from the Black Forest with more than 70 years of experience
  • Herkunft: Ukraine

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The sunflower originally comes from North and Central America and was worshiped by the Incas as an image of their sun god. The sunflower, with its rich yellow color, always faces the sun throughout the day. You can taste this intense sun aroma in our sunflower honey.

Sunflower honey is one of the particularly creamy and aromatic honeys. The honey bees fly over huge fields full of sunflowers and taste the delicious nectar. This honey is currently considered by beekeepers to be one of the best honeys around. Sunflower honey is not easy to obtain. The sunflowers need plenty of sunshine and warmth, as well as enough moisture to be able to produce enough nectar for the sunflower honey.

The sunflower honey is characterized by a strong yellow color. It candies very quickly and can take on a yellowish to yellowish-brown color in freshly extracted honey. The extraordinary color alone makes you want to enjoy the sunflower honey. The taste of sunflower honey is very strong and characteristic, slightly acidic but without any harshness. In this respect, connoisseurs will not only be able to determine a good sunflower honey because of the scent and color, but also because of the unique aroma. The sunflower honey is also stirred until creamy and is one of the types of honey that can remain in liquid form for the longest.

The sunflower honey spreads wonderfully and hardly drips at all, which is why it is particularly popular with honey lovers. Creamy sunflower honey is still very little known - but once you've tried it, you won't want to be without it.

Our sunflower honey is a 100% natural, selected honey specialty - unmixed & unfiltered!

When it came to our claim to select the best honey, this sunflower honey from Romania convinced us compared to other European varieties and also that from Germany due to its higher varietal purity, a fantastic price-performance ratio and its excellent, homogeneous, fine-creamy consistency. We are delighted to be able to offer you this top quality honey at this fantastic price. Our long-standing regular customers are enthusiastic about this quality.

Our sunflower honey is pure honey of the highest quality that convinces. From Honig-Schmidt - the traditional company from the Black Forest.

Every type of honey and every honey harvest has been carefully tasted and selected for you for over 70 years with our experience. In our honey factory, we lovingly hand-craft honey of the highest quality for you with the utmost care. Our traditional production method guarantees that the valuable and healthy ingredients are preserved. Honeys from Honig-Schmidt are 100% genuine natural products of the highest quality.

Our sunflower honey tip: Sunflower honey is also often used in the kitchen. It is primarily used as a particularly tasty and natural sweetener. It is often used to sweeten jams or fruit salads. It can also give fruity desserts that special sweetness.

Sunflower honey is also often used in Asian cuisine, where it can once again emphasize the typical sweet and sour taste.

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Storage: dry, cool, dark

Note: Like other raw foods, honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months

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Category: Honey
SKU: HOS-28064
Glass-/Bucketsize‍: 500g2.500g
Product‍: raw honey
Minimum shelf life‍: 2 years
Type‍: Sunflower
Origin‍: Ukraine
Shipping weight‍: 0,85 kg
Item weight‍: 0,85 kg
Content‍: 0,50 kg
Durchschnittl. Nährwerte je 100g
Energie: 308 Kcal
Fett: < 0,1 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: < 0,1 g
Kohlenhydrate: 79,1 g
davon Zucker: 79,1 g
Eiweiß: 0,4 g
Salz: < 0,1 g
Naturprodukte Natural products from the beehive
Versand Delivered with care
Traditionsbetrieb Traditional Black Forest honey manufactory since 1948


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Item review

5 from 5 Great

This product is tasty and I prefer it.

>Majed., 06.02.2022
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Dear Majed, we are very happy to jear that you love our Sunflower honey and we wish you a lot of joy with it. Best regards from Black Forest, Stefan from Honig-Schmidt

5 from 5 Leckerer Brotaufstrich

Ich wollte schon länger mal einen Sonnenblumenhonig probieren, und freue mich dass ich es endlich gemacht habe. Da freut sich neben mir auch das Brot auf den der Honig kommt ;-)

>Thomas K., 09.04.2024
4 from 5 Milbrandt

Der Honig ist sehr lecker allerdings sehr kristallig und man hat so ein leichtes Krümel Gefühl im Mund. Würde ihn das nächste mal eher nicht kaufen da ich es lieber samtig weich mag

>Anonym., 08.04.2024
5 from 5 Mal wieder ein toller Honig

wir testen verschiedene Honigsorten, immer wieder lecker...

>Anonym., 14.11.2023
5 from 5 sonnenblumenhonig

noch haben wir diesen honig nicht probiert, aber ich bin guter dinge, dass wir auch diesen mögen werden!
alles gute für das honig-schmidt-team - bis bald!

>Anonym., 27.07.2023
5 from 5 Sehr zufrieden

Habe schon ein paar mal Honig bestellt. Und bin sehr zufriedenHonig ist sehr lecker und Bestelle wieder sobald der Honig aufgebraucht ist.
Sehr netter Imker.

>Anonym., 02.06.2023
5 from 5 Seit Jahren unser Favorit

…immer wieder sehr leckerer Honig - kommt stets 1A Verpackt an. Für‘s Frühstück und im Tee unser Favorit.

>Manfred., 20.12.2022
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Lieber Manfred, herzlichen Dank für Ihre tolle Rückmeldung zu unserem HONIG-SCHMIDT aromatischer Sonnenblumenhonig. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie schon seit Jahr so zufrieden mit dem Honig und uns sind. Alles Gute und bis zum nächsten Mal, Michael von Honig Schmidt

5 from 5 TOP

Erstmal vielen Dank für so ein tolles Produkt,auch die schnelle Lieferung ,ich werde es auch wieder bestellen und.......auch weiter empfehlen . Danke aus Sachsen . LG Peter

>Peter., 07.11.2022
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Lieber Peter, vielen Dank für Ihre positive Rückmeldung zu unserem Sonnenblumenhonig. Wir freuen uns, dass er Ihnen so gut gefällt und wünschen hnen noch viel Freude und viele Genussmomente damit. Herzliche Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald, Stefan von Honig-Schmidt

5 from 5 LECKER!

Toller Honig unser Sohn liebt den Honig zum Frühstück :-)

>Sarah., 24.03.2022
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Schönen guten Tag Sarah, vieln Dank für Ihre tolle Bewertung unseres Sonnenblumenhonig. Herzliche Grüsse, auch an Ihren Sohnemann, Michael von Honig Schmidt

5 from 5 Cremig & fein

Einfach empfehlenswert

>Dimitrios A., 08.10.2021
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Hallo Dimitrios, vielen Dank, dass Sie unseren Sonnenblumenhonig weiterempfehlen. Ich freue mich, dass er Ihnen so gut schmeckt. Viele Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald, Stefan von Honig-Schmidt 

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