HONIG-SCHMIDT fine noble Chestnut Honey

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  • Real, single-variety premium honey from wild thyme
  • Dark amber color and intense, strong aroma with a bitter note
  • 100% natural honey, unmixed and unfiltered
  • Rich in enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements and minerals
  • Sustainably obtained and carefully processed
Naturprodukte Natural products from the beehive
Versand Delivered with care
Traditionsbetrieb Traditional Black Forest honey manufactory since 1948

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Chestnut honey is a special type of honey that is highly valued among honey connoisseurs. It is characterized by a dark colour, a strong aroma and a slightly tart taste, which can even be perceived as a hint of bitterness. In any case, it is a strong, flavorful type of honey.

Chestnut honey is one of the rarest but also one of the most versatile types of honey. Since it stays liquid longer than other types of honey, it is also well suited for longer storage. Gourmets use this honey in the kitchen for numerous dishes. In addition, honey is said to have medicinal properties.

The rarity of chestnut honey is due to the short flowering period of the chestnut trees and the bees can therefore only produce a limited amount of Chestnut honey. Chestnut honeys often come from the original chestnut forests in Italy or France.

Honig-Schmidt chestnut honey is premium honey of the highest quality. It contains many valuable ingredients such as trace elements, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Its dark amber color and fine, tart taste make it so special and a real lover's honey.

You buy chestnut honey from us as a real, unadulterated natural product - unmixed and unfiltered. Our chestnut honey is matured in the comb and comes from selected traditional regions in the wild mountainous region of Tuscany, far away from harmful environmental influences. In our honey manufactory, we store and process the chestnut honey by hand, while preserving the active ingredients and making sure that the natural temperature of the bee colony is not exceeded. This guarantees you the preservation of all valuable ingredients in our chestnut honey.

In our claim to select the best honey, this dreamlike chestnut honey from Tuscany in Italy convinced us compared to other traditional regions with a rarely encountered varietal purity, an intense colour, a wonderfully strong taste and a very good price-performance ratio.

Our chestnut honey is a premium honey that convinces. From Honig-Schmidt - the traditional company from the Black Forest.

Order our chestnut honey conveniently and securely online now and receive it - like our other high-quality honey specialties, delivered quickly and well packaged within 2-3 days.

Every type of honey and every honey harvest has been carefully tasted and selected for you for over 70 years with our experience. In our honey factory, we lovingly hand-craft honey of the highest quality for you with the utmost care. Our traditional production method guarantees that the valuable ingredients are preserved. Honeys from Honig-Schmidt are 100% genuine natural products of the highest quality.

Our chestnut honey tip: Due to its strong taste with a slightly tart, bitter note, chestnut honey is not only suitable as a special spread, but also as a delicious ingredient for salty and hearty-spicy dishes. A tasty sauce with sweet chestnut honey as an important component harmonizes perfectly with lamb or freshly prepared grilled meat.
An intensive healing effect is attributed to genuine chestnut honey. It is used, for example, as the perfect basis for optimal blood circulation or to stabilize the circulatory system.
As an addition to warm milk, sweet chestnut honey is often used for sore throats and flu symptoms in general, as it strengthens the immune system.

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Storage: dry, cool, dark

Note: Like other raw foods, honey is not suitable for babies under 12 months of age

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SKU: HOS-28154
Anzahl der Einheiten‍: 0,502,50
Produkt‍: Honig
Produktart‍: Honig
Ablaufdatum‍: mindestens ca. 2 Jahre ab Lieferung
Stil‍: Raffiniert & Pur
Maßeinheit‍: 1kg
Shipping weight‍: 0,85 kg
Item weight‍: 0,85 kg
Content‍: 0,50 kg
Durchschnittl. Nährwerte je 100g
Energie: 308 kcal
Fett: < 0,1 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: 79,1 g
Kohlenhydrate: 79,1 g
davon Zucker: 0,4 g
Eiweiß: < 0,1 g
Salz: < 0,1 g

Durchschnittl. Nährwerte je 100g
Energie: 308 kcal
Fett: < 0,1 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: 79,1 g
Kohlenhydrate: 79,1 g
davon Zucker: 0,4 g
Eiweiß: < 0,1 g
Salz: < 0,1 g


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5 from 5 Kastanienhonig

Schnelle Lieferung
Gute Beratung
Super Honig

>Anonym., 18.04.2023
5 from 5 Honig vom Feinsten

Nachdem ich mehrere Edelkastanienhonig Angebote probiert habe, ist dieser bisher der für mich Beste . Dazu kommt ein sehr gutes Preis Leistung Verhältnis.

>Anonym., 05.04.2023
5 from 5 Voll zufrieden

Sehr leckerer Honig; Lieferung ging schnell, selbst wenn DHL anfangs irgendetwas falsch gemacht hatte - wurde aber schnell geregelt.

>Anonym., 22.03.2023
5 from 5 Sehr aromatisch

Es ist ein recht flüssiger Honig der zu allem passt. Köstlich zum Vollkornbrot und er gibt einen Salatdressing einen tollen Geschmack. In Milch der Klassiker zum Schlafen

>C. Neumann., 11.03.2023
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Lieber C. Neumann, wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir mit unserem HONIG-SCHMIDT feiner Edel-Kastanienhonig Ihren Geschmack getroffen haben. Ganz herzlichen Dank für Ihre tolle Bewertung und noch viel Freude mich dem Honig. Herzliche Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald, Michael von Honig Schmidt

5 from 5 kenne ich noch nicht

Den Kastanienhonig habe ich zwar noch nicht probiert, aber erfahrungsgemäß sind die Honige wirklich köstlich. Daher bin ich sicher, dass ich auch diesen mögen werde. Mein einziges Problem: Es gibt zu viele tolle Sorten, dass ich für meinen Jahresvorrat immer nur eine Auswahl nehmen kann.

>Jonas., 30.11.2022
Reply by Honig-Schmidt:

Lieber Jonas, vielen Dank für Ihre tolle Rückmeldung. Ich bin sicher, dass Sie auch den HONIG-SCHMIDT feiner Edel-Kastanienhonig mögen werden. Vielleicht bieten wir demnächst ein Probier-Paket in der 250g-Größe an? Dann können SIe mehr Sorten probieren. Herzliche Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald, Stefan von Honig Schmidt

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