HONIG-SCHMIDT olive wood honey spoon

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Handmade honey spoon of 100% original greek olive wood

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HONIG-SCHMIDT olive wood honey spoon
7,95 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (DHL Paket national/international)

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With our honey spoon made of olive wood you are not only buying a beautiful, but also a long-lasting and sustainable product. The honey spoon is made by hand by a Greek family company. The olive tree is not only considered a sacred tree in Greece, with which people have a special relationship. It is mainly native to the Mediterranean, where it was cultivated for agricultural purposes thousands of years ago. The special thing about the wood of the olive tree is its natural antibacterial effect. Due to its high density and hardness, it acts naturally against bacteria and the structure of the olive wood also prevents germs from penetrating. In addition, olive wood hardly absorbs surrounding odors, so that the wood is used in different variations for handling food and in the kitchen. Each wooden spoon is unique: Our honey spoons are handcrafted from a whole piece of olive wood. Each honey spoon has its own wood structure and appearance with beautiful grain and color. Therefore, your honey spoon will differ in detail from the honey spoon in our pictures. Olive wood honey spoons are particularly sustainable: Our honey spoons are made exclusively from the hard wood of the olive trees when they no longer bear fruit. In addition, the trees are replaced, i.e. 10 trees are replanted for each olive tree. In addition, we donate 10 cents for each honey spoon sold for bee-friendly and environmental protection projects. We use it to create bee pastures or also plant native trees, which also serve as a source of food for bees. Your purchase will automatically support these projects. For which honeys is the honey spoon suitable?: Our honey spoon is perfect for liquid honeys, i.e. for types like Acacia honey Pine honey Oak honey Rosemary honey Thyme honey Forest honey Fir honey Black Forest silver fir honey Creamy honeys such as sunflower honey or lavender honey are rather unsuitable - the knife is still the best here. A liquid honey flows easily from the honey spoon through the groove structure, while creamy honey hardly drips and would therefore stick to the honey spoon Easy to care for & durable: Our honey spoon is very easy to clean: Simply rinse with lukewarm water (the honey will then dissolve automatically) and remove any remaining honey from the grooves of the honey spoon with a small brush or a sponge cloth. Without any soap or detergents. Please never clean in the dishwasher or soak in a water bath for a long time. Incorrect care causes the wood to swell, lose its color and become cracked and porous, i.e. it loses its positive properties. You will find all the care instructions again below. In summary: • All honey spoons are handmade and ideal for use with foods such as honey as they are a healthier option compared to others than products made from other types of wood or plastic. • Olive wood is a very dense and durable wood and has a natural, antibacterial effect. • Each handmade honey spoon made of olive wood is unique and therefore there may be small deviations in color, weight or dimensions. • Our honey spoons are made from whole pieces of wood that are never glued or connected in any way. • Olive wood is very resistant, practical and, above all, does not absorb odors or substances. • No wood varnish or other chemicals are used in our honey spoons. • Our honey spoons are produced sustainably. They are made from trees that are no longer bearing fruit and young trees are planted to replace them. Cleaning and maintenance instructions: • Wash the honey spoon by hand with warm water and a sponge (please do not clean in the dishwasher!) Or, ideally, simply under warm water. The honey will then dissolve by itself. • Wipe the spoon with a kitchen towel and let it dry. • Occasionally or after washing, apply vegetable oil to the honey spoon (with cotton, kitchen paper or a cloth) to keep it moist, maintain the bright colors and emphasize the grain of the wood. • Wipe off the excess oil with a clean napkin or paper towel. • Avoid exposing the honey spoon to high temperatures, sunlight or moisture for long periods of time.
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Wunderhübsch und liegt gut in der Hand.

>Britta., 31.12.2022
Reply by Honig Schmidt:

Liebe Britta, vielen Dank, wir freuen uns sehr über diese positive Rückmeldung zu unserem HONIG-SCHMIDT Honig-Löffel aus Olivenholz. Jedes Stück ist naturbedingt ein Unikat und wir finden diese Löffel, original handgefertigt in Griechenland, ebenfalls toll. Viel Freude noch damit und bis zum nächsten Mal, Stefan von Honig Schmidt

5 from 5 Honigloeffel

Gute Qualität

>Michaela., 02.10.2022
Reply by Honig Schmidt:

Liebe MIchaela, herzlichen Dank zu Ihrer Rückmeldung zu unserem Honiglöffel aus Olivenholz. Manchmal braucht es gar nicht mehr Worte, wenn das Gesagte einfach passend ist. Alles Gute wieterhin für Sie und beste Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald, Stefan von Honig Schmidt

5 from 5 Honiglöffel

Super Qualität

>Kay., 19.01.2022
Reply by Honig Schmidt:

Hallo Kay, vielen Dank für die positive Bewertung des Olivenholz-Honiglöffels. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie die Qualität zu schätzen wissen. Herzliche Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald, Stefan von Honig-Schmidt

5 from 5 S. Herget


>Sabrina., 25.10.2021
Reply by Honig Schmidt:

Hallo Sabrina, vielen Dank für Ihre Rückmedlung zu unserem Olivenholz-Honiglöffel. Mehr braucht man auch gar nicht zu sagen :-) Viele Grüße und alles Gute für Sie, Stefan von Honig-Schmidt

5 from 5 Sehr schöner Honigheber

Toller Honigheber mit einer sehr schönen Maserung. Fairer Preis, schneller Versand - top. Gerne wieder.

>Sarah., 25.09.2021
Reply by Honig Schmidt:

Liebe Sarah, vielen Dank für Ihre tolle Bewertung unseres Olivenholz-Honiglöffels. Jeder ist aufgrund seiner individuellen Maserung ein Unikat. Viel Freude noch damit und bis zum nächsten Mal, Stefan von Honig-Schmidt

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