Heath honey is a special type of honey or a speciality in honey. During the harvest he does a "heathen work" and there are also some special features.

The traditional plant for the heather honey is the broom heath, which blooms in late summer and from whose flowers the hard-working bees collect the nectar as the basis for the heather honey. The Besenheide is also called heather or summer heath and comes originally from North and Central America. It is a low shrub that occurs from the lowlands to the mountains and cultivates typical heathland such as the Lüneburg Heath. The Latin name "Calluna" derives from the Greek word "kalynein" and means as much as clean, sweep. There is already an indication that the name Broom heath derives from the fact that the plant was previously processed into brooms. 

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What is special about heather honey?

For the beekeeper, the harvest of the heather honey is very expensive. Since the consistency of the heather honey is rather jelly-like, the honey cannot be thrown out of the honeycombs by the beekeepers, as usual. The honey is therefore not thrown, but pressed out of the honeycombs. The production of heather honey is therefore much more complex than with other honey varieties. A "heathen work" that pays off with this special honey.

The jelly-like consistency is also due to the particularly high content of colloids and protein compounds.

The heather honey is also unique in taste, with a very spicy to tart flavour. This does not agree with everyone, but heather honey lovers appreciate it all the more.

Heather honey is also appreciated for its health-promoting effect. In addition to a variety of minerals, trace elements and vitamins, a higher proportion of antioxidants can be found especially in heather honey.

In naturopathy, heather honey is used for nervous conditions and colds. Heather flower tea with a teaspoon of heather honey promotes sleep. In addition, heather honey is also used for prostate problems.

Buy heather honey - what do you have to pay attention to?

Make sure that your heather honey is high-quality beekeeping honey that has been gently harvested and processed. We process the heather honey gently and slowly in our honey factory. The honey is then allowed to rest before it is bottled by us.

Varietal heather honey has a dark amber colour. Should it crystallize, it will take on a brown color with reddish nuances. Generally, crystallization of honey is not a lack of quality – quite the contrary! Honey produced by the fact that the bees do not collect the nectar of flowers or the honeydew from trees, but by feeding them with sugar water contains no nutrients and does not crystallize.

Another tip for crystallization: you can liquefy the honey again by heating it in a water bath. Of course, very slowly and not above 40 degrees, so that the valuable ingredients in the heather honey are preserved.

Our heather honey is pure honey in the best quality. We offer it in 2 variants: in honey glass of 500gr or in a golden honey bucket of 2.5kg.

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More detailed information about all our honey strains can be found in our honey blog.

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