For the love of the bee - No chemistry in the garden:

Pesticides used in conventional agriculture are a major factor in species and bee deaths. Neonicotinoids are particularly devastating. These nerve toxins destroy the bees' sense of orientation and have a debilitating effect on the immune system. The bees can no longer find their way back to your hive and become susceptible to infection. Pesticides are poisoning and destroying entire bee colonies around the world.

There is already a rethink taking place, but even in DIY stores and garden centres there are still funds that contain pesticides and cause death and destruction for bees and insects.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also often used in private gardens. Absolutely renounce it! Pesticides and mineral fertilizers are out of place in the bee garden. Rely on beneficial slings and organic fertilizers.

When shopping, make sure to buy organic vegetables and organic fruit from the region. These are healthier for you as they are not pesticide-contaminated and cultivation does not kill insects. If possible, inform yourself about organic farmers with direct sales in your area.

This is particularly true for viticulture. In conventional viticulture, many herbicides and fungicides are still used and the vineyard is depleted and the soils are almost dead. In bio-dynamic viticulture, this is dispensed with and made sure that you not only end up with a delicious drop in the glass, but also that there is enough space for bees, flowers and herbs between the vines.

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