Help for bees - the bee potions

Bees are also thirsty and especially in summer (not only in the city) there is a lack of water areas. As temperatures rise, bees also need water sources to survive. Bees fly several hundred meters to meet your water needs. But especially in residential areas, natural water sources such as streams or ponds are rather rare. In summer, countless bees die in pools set up for children, in which you drown. Substances such as .B chlorine, which attract bees additionally, are also used in the pool.
In addition, it is also not advantageous for bees to meet their water requirements for puddles, in which other residues of lubricants or gasoline can be found in the city.

Offer bees a water potion. Do not fill the shell with sugar water. The bees would fight for the water and, in the worst case, stab themselves to death. In addition, the filled water should be lukewarm and stand in the sun. Bees will always avoid the surface of the water and are more likely to sit on the edge, where the water is already warmer and the bees themselves are not in danger of cooling down. Bees like to adopt a flat bowl with stones and sticks as a landing aid and protection against drowning. Rainwater is always preferred by bees, but also tap water helps bees to get through the summer well.

Here are many more tips on how to help bees.

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