The Christmas season is approaching and in Germany mothers, fathers, great aunts and grandmas are heating up the oven. After all, the Christmas bakery should finally start on time this year. Before the big event in December, however, it is important to satisfy St. Nicholas – and he is increasingly looking for honey. Children and adults alike have long since discovered the golden-yellow sugar substitute for themselves and find so many recipes on the Internet that it is difficult to choose. From honey nicotine to corn honey muffin, there's everything that makes pre-Christmas-tuned hearts beat faster. At the beginning of December, however, honey is not only highly conjukture with us. In other cultures, too, there is honey for the feast around this time, even if the holidays are called differently elsewhere.

Spain, for example, celebrates Constitution Day on 6 December, drawing on traditional treats such as the Alfajores. These are small spice cakes with honey, fruits and almonds, which are offered in every bakery, especially in Andalusia. Israel, on the other hand, is already preparing for the Hanukkah Festival of Lights, which begins this year on the eve of 2 December. And Jewish cuisine also knows honey specialities, which keep the spirit and palate in a mood on special occasions.

One of the most famous is the teiglach, which is a sweet pastry cooked in a syrup of nuts and honey. And Asia is also represented in the honey calendar at the beginning of December, because in Thailand the king's birthday is on the 5th of the month. Honey banana cakes, sesame biscuits with honey and many other treats with honey come to the fore in detail.

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