Honey is sweet and tasty and not only a delight on the breakfast roll. And so there are many who also use honey to sweeten food. After all, honey is a very healthy sweetener and, above all, honey is a pure natural product. And that's not a hollow phrase the advertising industry has come up with. That is the law.

According to the German Food Act, producers of honey must not add substances to it and nothing can be taken from honey. This means that industrially obtained honey is basically just as pure as the honey from the beekeeper next door. The only differences are in taste. This is caused by the different "pasture areas" of the bees and the flowers they find there. Depending on the flower varieties that have been flown by the bees, a honey can be mild or rather spicy.

Those who use honey in the kitchen, for example for sweetening teas or as a sweetener when baking, of course always have honey in stock. However, it happens with honey that crystallizes after some time, i.e. becomes firm, which is even relatively fast in the case of dark honeys due to the higher glucose content. If you want to make the honey liquid again, simply warm it up to about 40 degrees in a water bath. But even if the honey is firm, if it is firmly closed and stored dark, it remains edible for a very long time.

If you want to use honey as a sweetener for food, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, in the case of cake tins, it should be remembered that honey, unlike normal sugar, contains water.

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