The ancient Egyptians already knew that honey makes beautiful. Honey in combination with milk was highly appreciated in antiquity. The best known example of this is the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. She took a bath in milk with honey every day. For a long time she was able to keep her young, fresh and breathtaking beauty.

Even today, honey is still present in many cosmetic products. This is mainly due to the fact that honey is simply suitable for every skin type. Honey is able to bind the moisture in the skin. It also provides the skin with important nutrients. Thus, the skin becomes and remains fresh and velvety soft. It can clarify the skin, which is especially interesting for adolescent users. Due to the mild acids in the honey, which already occur in the body, the honey also contributes to the strengthening of the acid protective mantle of the skin.

Since honey is an over-the-counter product, it is of course no problem to make your own cosmetics and toiletries with honey. For this, usually only a few ingredients are needed, which are available in the household anyway or can simply be obtained in the supermarket or in the reform house.

This includes moisturizing honey lotion. For this lotion, 150 ml of milk are heated lukewarm. In the warm milk, two tablespoons of honey are dissolved. Then add a teaspoon of almond oil. This lotion is now generously applied to the face. After an action time of about five minutes, the honey lotion is thoroughly rinsed and the skin feels soft and fresh.

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