Honey is not only delicious but also very healthy. The golden spread gives strength and is not necessarily unsuitable for beauty. But especially on the breakfast tables of countless households, honey is simply inconceivable.

What many honey lovers have known for years, however, is that the honey tastes particularly delicious not only on the breakfast roll. It is also used as a sweetener in many recipes. And that has not only been the case since today. Already the ancient Egyptians and Greeks appreciated the sweet preciousness and used the honey in many recipes.

Honey is particularly common in cakes and pastries. Here it largely replaces sugar. The Christmas bakery can't do without the delicious sweet companion. Honey cake and all sorts of Christmas pastries would not taste Christmassy at all without the delicious aroma of honey.

But it's not just sweet foods that make the honey a treat. The product of bees is also used in hearty food. Sauces are particularly delicious. Even one or the other roast gets a delicious and crispy crust through the honey. To do this, the roast simply has to be coated with the honey just before the end of the cooking time. You don't have to fear that the roast will taste sweet. The honey only provides a pleasantly mild aroma.

However, honey is not only a great ingredient for preparation when eating. Drinks are also prepared with him and from him. Popular is the deliciously sweet Met, a honey wine that has it in it in percentage terms and is enjoyed hot. Honey beer and cocktails are also a treat. In tea, honey is considered a true delicacy. Because here it not only ensures a pleasant sweetness, but it can also provide for the strengthening of the defenses.

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