For many, honey is simply part of a healthy breakfast. But why should you always paint the honey on your bread? How about a modified version, for example?

If you have children, you will have noticed that they often prefer to have a nut nougat cream on their breakfast bread than honey. And this despite the fact that these spreads contain piles of unhealthy sugars and contain virtually no healthy nutrients. Only the nutty taste, which is usually produced by artificial aromas, convinces with these products. It is easy to make a delicious and healthy spread yourself with a few natural ingredients. How about, for example, a homemade nut-honey cream?

In order to be able to produce such a tasty and healthy nut-honey cream, besides honey you only need a nut paste (for example peanut or hazelnut), a piece of good butter and a few spoons of high-quality cocoa powder. The nut paste for the cream can be obtained, for example, in delicatessens or in the Reformhaus. The preparation is very simple. Mix honey, nut cream and soft butter in equal parts (150 grams) and mix together until you get a smooth mass. Add to this mixture one or two tablespoons of the good cocoa powder. The delicious and healthy nut-honey cream is ready, which is guaranteed to taste good for children who otherwise do not like honey.

Of course, you can then also refine the cream according to your own taste or according to the season with spices.

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