Sugar is quickly demonised today. Sugar is one of the most important sources of energy for our organism. However, many people absorb far too much sugar, often as hidden sugars in processed foods. We also want to look at whether it really is healthier to replace sugar with honey if possible.

Many nutritionists agree that refined sugar has a more onerous effect on our cholesterol levels than e.B. animal fats. It is also harder to digest. Cane and beet sugar are also converted from double or multiple sugars into single sugarin the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. Honey is much easier to digest, as the bee has already pre-digested in simple sugar with its salivary gland secretions. Honey is therefore much better suited for people with digestive problems.

Sugar also has more calories than honey, while honey has a stronger sweetness. This means that a smaller amount of honey is enough to sweeten your dishes and save you calories at the same time.

Honey also causes blood sugar levels to rise more slowly than sugar. This is because the glucose goes directly into the blood, but the fructose is slower. On average, honey has a lower glycemic index, but there are varieties that are higher than the index of sugar.

Honey also consists of about three quarters of sugar, i.e. fruit and glucose. In addition to another 20% water, honey also has a valuable mixture of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Its antioxidants such as phenols, flavonoids and ascorbic acid also have a beneficial effect on health, as they intercept oxygen radicals and render them harmless.

Honey also keeps us fit and concentrated. Serotonin is responsible for good mood and high concentration ability. It needs to be formed in the brain and requires all components and the right mix of vitamins. Honey meets these conditions and thus promotes serotonin formation in the brain. That's why honey as a sweetener of the mueslis has such a positive effect on a good start to the day.

In addition, many healing effects of honey are now multiple and well documented. Its effect is

cough-solving (see also our tips during the cold season)
antiviral and bactericidal
Wound healing-promoting
Sugar cannot compete with honey as a valuable natural product.

But: You should also use honey sparingly due to its high sugar content.

A great advantage of honey is the variety of varieties. Sugar, on the other hand, is actually quite boring. Take a look at our shop and be inspired by our great honeys. Try a more spicy or stronger variety to taste the differences with conventional honeys.
In any case, when buying a honey, make sure that it is not processed industrially, i.e. pasteurized (heated). This is the case with many industrial honeys that they find on the supermarket shelf. Unfortunately, many valuable ingredients are lost when the honey is heated, so that some advantages of honey over sugar are eliminated.

In our shop you can buy a variety of different honeys.

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