Honey has long been known for its healthy effects. But the fact that this was recognized more than 3,000 years ago seems almost unbelievable. The old Germanic people are regarded as specialists in honey met production. This honey wine was enjoyed long before the grape wine. Greeks and Romans loved him as much as the Germans themselves.

Met was created by chance at the time. Improper storage of pollen led to the absolutely unintentional use of a fermentation process, which could result in alcohol. The effect of alcohol was attributed to the gods at that time. The sweet potion of the gods was served up for big parties and special occasions. Due to the historical encounter between Germans and Romans, the delicious honey wine finally reached Rome. There you were thrilled with this extraordinary drink. The fact that honey wine has never been able to completely displace the grape wine is solely due to the production effort. But to this day he never completely disappeared. The well-known naturopath Kneipp also dealt with the healthy effect of the honeymet.

He confirmed many years ago that the consumption of honey wine has a positive effect on appetite and digestion. He also attributed the high life expectancy of the Germans to the Met. Today it is known that the production method at that time led to countless vitamins, amino acids and minerals from the pollen entering the drink.

Even today, honey wine and honey brandy are considered very special specialities. The delicious taste is simply incomparable.

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