Honey must not be missing from the breakfast table for many people. But the path from flowering to the honey glass is long. While buffalo honey is produced from the nectar of flowering plants, the bees collect sweet plant juices from tree needles and leaves for forest, fir and spruce honey. These juices enrich the bees with enzymes that take on the task of splitting the existing sugar into fruit and glucose.

This process transforms honey into an important energy supplier. As soon as the bees close the filled honey cells with wax, the beekeeper knows that the harvest time has come. With special beekeeping tools, the wax lids are removed and then the honey is thrown out of the honeycombs. For this purpose, the honeycombs are placed in a honey slingshot after being uncovered, which is then turned so quickly that the honey flows out of the honeycombs by itself. Since the whole process takes place at normal room temperature and the honey is not heated, this process is also known as cold slinging. It seems hard to believe that this is how the popular honey is created. This is certainly another miracle of nature.

Of course, every beekeeper also has his individual tips and tricks to refine his honey. In any case, the best honey is only available at the specialist dealer or directly at the beekeeper. It is well worth trying out extraordinary varieties.

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