Effects of propolis in the body
In general, propolis has an immune-stimulating effect, strengthens general well-being and prevents colds.

Today, our body is often exposed to occupational overload and, in general, to a permanent overload of stimuli. Stress and nervous states are companions for many people. If you do not find a balance, the body can easily overload and no longer recover. Propolis can have a supportive effect here by having a positive influence on the metabolism and thus on cell rejuvenation and thus helps the body to cope with stress.

In the cold season, it alleviates many of the typical complaints. Here you will find some hints, recipes and tips for using propolis during the cold season.

Propolis also has a positive effect on blood pressure, as the proportion of flavonoids has a positive effect on the performance of the capillary blood vessels.

Positive effects of propolis on the skin:
In dermatology, small wounds and eczema can be treated well with propolis tincture, propolis cream or propolis balm. In addition, propolis can be used to treat blemishes, acne, skin irritations / skin inflammations, sunburns, abscesses, boils, warts, light burns, abrasions and herpes diseases.

With the application of propolis cream and propolis balm, inflammation of muscles, eyes and tendon sheaths can also be combated very well.

Positive effects of propolis in the mouth area:
Good results are achieved with propolis (e.g. propolis toothpaste or propolis tincture) in oral and dental care, e.g. with inflamed gums, caries and periodontal disease. This also applies to inflammation of the oral mucosa and generally to inflammation in the mouth and tongue area.

Propolis also has a strong anesthetic effect. This means that painkillers can be replaced in a natural way in the case of toothache, and the healing process is also supported and positively influenced in e.g. tooth root treatments.

Tip: If you have inflamed gums, we recommend brushing your teeth with our propolis toothpaste. Then put some propolis tincture on a cloth and massage the tincture into the affected gums. The symptoms should improve quickly.

Positive effects of propolis on the intestines and urinary tract
Propolis has a supportive and regulating effect on gastrointestinal complaints and can also be used excellently for constipation. Good results are also achieved with cystitis and kidney infections.

Tip: If you have stomach problems, take 20-30 drops of the 30% propolis tincture diluted in a little water before eating (up to 3 times a day).

Positive effects of propolis for the back and for rheumatism
Since propolis promotes blood circulation, it has a soothing effect on tension in the back and neck. To do this, rub the back with propolis balm.
For the same reason, propolis is also used successfully for rheumatism by rubbing the affected areas 2-3 times a day with propolis cream or propolis balm.

Note: Even if propolis has many very good and health-promoting properties, it does not replace a doctor in the event of illness. It is best to speak to your doctor before using. In contrast to normal, prescription-only antibiotics, the antibiotic substances contained in propolis are free of side effects.

Cosmetic effects of propolis
Propolis should be an integral part of body care, as it not only has a positive effect on skin irritation, inflammation or eczema, but also generally promotes the renewal of house cells.

Improve with Propolis you can improve the complexion of your skin, because blackheads, pimples and blemishes can be treated with propolis. The best way to do this is to use propolis tinctures, which you dab directly onto the affected areas with a cotton ball.

In general, creams with propolis care for the skin and protect the skin barrier against bacteria, inflammation and other harmful influences in a natural way.

The health of the scalp and hair can also be positively agreed with propolis. The blood circulation in the scalp is promoted, the irritation of the scalp is relieved and the structure and elasticity of the hair are improved.

Please note that this article is for impartial information. It does not constitute a recommendation for medical treatment and in no way replaces consultation and treatment with a doctor. In the event of illness, please always consult a recognized doctor.

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