Honey is available in many different varieties. Only if the honey comes from a certain type of flower is it traditional honey. And only in this case can this honey be named accordingly. For example, orange blossom honey is only collected by orange blossoms. Acacia honey comes mainly from the nectar of the sham acacia and so it is with all other honeys such as clover, thyme, sunflower, fir honey and many different varieties.

On the Internet, however, there are also many recipes that invite you to make honey yourself. It should be noted, however, that it is actually honey if the final product was produced by bees. Anything else that is produced with a lot of sugar and little water and the respective flowers or fruits is actually just a syrup, which is colloquially referred to as honey.

In order to be able to produce honey yourself, a lot of flowers are needed first. Usually about two to three handfuls of flowers reach. It is important that only the flower heads are used. These must be completely freed from the green. The flowers should not necessarily be rinsed with water. This means that the important pollen can simply be washed away.

The flowers are now placed in a litre of cold water and slowly brought to the boil. After a one-off wave of the broth, the pot should be removed from the stove and left standing overnight. The next day, the flowers are filtered out and one kilogram of sugar or cane sugar is added. The mixture must now be reheated. However, it is not allowed to cook. The liquid must boil, so the water must evaporate, creating a firmer or viscous mass.

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