Honey Ingredients:

Over 200 different ingredients are in good quality honey. The most valuable and expensive bee honey is the white fir honey.

They convert the sugar in bee honey. Thus, they produce the important substances. Everyone knows its effect as an old folk recipe by taking some bee honey in case of sore throat. Important enzymes of bee honey are: glucose oxidase, phosphatase, diastasis, catatase as ingredients of honey.

Honey has many vitamins. The two most important ones are vitamin C and vitamin B (B1,B2,B6), which improves sugar utilization and keeps our bodies fit against attackers.

Amino acids
These amino acids are very valuable, almost indispensable for the human metabolic system. A few important things listed: leucine, glutamic acid, phenylanalin, threonine, arginine, aspartic acid, proline, valine, cystine as ingredients of bee honey.

Important ingredients of honey are magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are of great importance for nerves and muscles, as well as iron and sodium.

Sugar compounds, pollen and acids
These substances help digestion and the sugar provides sufficient energy. Acids such as gluconic acid, lactic acid and citric acid are also contained.

Composition of ingredients
up to in percent: water (17.2); glucose (31,2); Fructose(38,2); Maltose(7,3); enzymes and vitamins (2,2); Free acids (0.75); cane sugar (2,8); Minerals/trace elements (0.35)

Bee honey is a substance from nature. It contains many good ingredients for the human organism. 

When choosing your honey, trust in the many years of experience of Honig-Schmidt - the honey manufacturer in the Black Forest. 

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