Intolerance to propolis

The high tolerance of propolis should be emphasized. Only about 1% of all people have an intolerance to propolis, presumably as an allergic reaction to a certain proportion of bee pollen.

Anyone who is allergic to bee stings or bee products should refrain from using propolis - both externally and internally through ingestion or addition to food.

How to test if you are allergic to propolis: Apply the product to the inside of an arm. If a reaction occurs in the next few hours, you should not use any propolis products. In addition, the recommended intake should never be exceeded.

At the beginning of the intake we recommend starting with a fraction of the recommended amount and increasing it slowly so that the body can get used to it and you can be sure that no allergic reaction is triggered.

Please note that this article is for impartial information. It does not constitute a recommendation for medical treatment and in no way replaces consultation and treatment with a doctor. In the event of illness, please always consult a recognized doctor.

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