Is pollen healthy?

Flower pollen is very healthy and provides the human body with a wide range of active ingredients, such as.B. over 20 amino acids and over 100 enzymes, which have an extremely positive influence on human metabolism. Flower pollen is not only used for specific diseases such as asthma, allergies or stomach problems, but they rejuvenate the body by stimulating and supporting cell renewal, increasing the activity of the organs and increasing overall well-being. Flower pollen is also known and popular among athletes as a performance booster.

Due to its low calorie count, it helps to lose weight and the phenylalanine contained is considered an appetite suppressant. In addition, lecithin in the pollen helps to detoxify the body and reduce body fat.

At this point we would like to go into more detail about the composition of the pollen in order to show you what valuable ingredients are contained for humans in the pollen. As described above, the ingredients of the pollen are very well known. However, the secret of all compounds of the ingredients has not yet been solved.

The exact distribution of all nutrients contained in the pollen varies according to location and origin and depending on the season. However, it can be said that pollen consists on average of about 30%-40% of proteins, about 55% of carbohydrates, about 3% of minerals and vital substances, as well as vitamins and about 2% of fatty acids. In addition, it should be noted that pollen contains a not inconsiderable amount of natural antibiotic. These antibiotics have a preservative effect and inhibit the metabolism of certain microorganisms. Thus, pollen or its contained antibiotic can counteract the propagation or existence of certain bacteria.

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