In addition to the white fir honey, lavender honey is another noble and rare premium honey. For many honey lovers, it is the "non plus ultra" among honey varieties.

What is lavender honey?

Lavender honey is a very special type of honey produced by bees that fly the lavender flowers and collect the nectar there. In Provence there are huge lavender fields, which are mostly cultivated in ecological cultivation. Here bees find enough food to produce this extraordinary honey.

We have maintained excellent relationships with a beekeeper from France who places her bee colonies within this beautiful lavender area and thus produces honey of the best quality. It is important to know that the fields are also specially created and maintained for the production of honey. This is the only way to ensure that the bees can collect nectar in abundance and process it into honey. The excess of lavender honey, which the bees do not need themselves, is traded. The pictures of the specially designed lavender fields in the High Provence are now world famous.

The flowering time of the lavender is from June to August. During this time, the bees have a lot to do to harvest the nectar of the lavender flowers.

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Where does lavender honey come from?

The largest lavender areas are found in Provence in France and Bulgaria. In Provence, all 4 species of lavender native to Europe are found, which are optimally planted according to the regional weather conditions.

We aim to select only the best honeys for our range. This dreamlike lavender honey from Provence in the south of France convinced us right away. The lavender fields in the south of France are unique in the world.

In our constant search for the best honeys, we have not come across any lavender honey that has a better and purer quality than this lavender honey from the south of France.

The harvest of lavender honey is very weather-dependent and cannot always be guaranteed. Therefore, we are pleased that we can offer you this rarity in the highest quality.

What makes lavender honey so special?

Lavender honey does not taste exclusively like lavender. The uniquely delicate and creamy consistency, as well as the light to slightly brownish hue, is considered a typical characteristic. Our lavender honey has a floral light, completely noble and very fine aroma.

Like lavender itself, lavender honey has a high proportion of essential oils. Therefore, lavender honey is also attributed to healing powers and is used for ailments such as colds or gastrointestinal problems. Some also refer to it as a natural antibiotic because of its antibacterial effect.

Lavender honey can also have a balancing effect when it is nervous. A teaspoon of lavender honey in the tea or a lavender bath can work wonders.

Buy lavender honey - what should you look out for?

Pay attention to the origin of lavender honey. Lavender honey can also be bought as a mass-produced product in the supermarket. But it often does not have the same quality.

Our lavender honey is honey in the best quality. We offer it in 2 variants: in honey glass of 500gr or in a golden honey bucket of 2.5kg.

Here you can buy our lavender honey.

More detailed information about all our honeys can be found here.

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