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  • Weight
  • Luxurious honey in the highest quality and varietal purity
  • Noble, fine aroma and uniquely delicate creamy consistency
  • Real rarity at a fantastic price
  • Unique quality of lavender honey from the South of France
  • From our honey manufactory from the Black Forest with more than 70 years of experience

Buy delicious Lavender Honey now

In addition to the white fir honey, the lavender honey is one of our finest products – treat yourself to this luxury. The uniquely delicate and creamy consistency, as well as the light to slightly brownish hue, is considered a typical characteristic. Our lavender honey has a floral light, completely noble and very fine aroma and is an excellent specialty for honey lovers.

We aim to select only the best honeys for our range. This dreamlike lavender honey from Provence in the south of France convinced us right away. The lavender fields in the south of France are unique in the world. In our constant search for the best honeys, we have not come across any lavender honey that has a better and purer quality than this lavender honey from the south of France. The harvest of lavender honey is very weather-dependent and cannot always be guaranteed. Therefore, we are pleased that we can offer you this rarity in the highest quality. The fine-creamy consistency with not too sweet, very balanced taste, make our lavender honey a treat. Our long-standing regular customers and true honey connoisseurs are enthusiastic about the unique quality of lavender honey from the South of France.

Our lavender honey is pure honey of the highest quality, which convinces. Von Honig Schmidt - the traditional honey company from the Black Forest.

Every honey variety and every honey harvest has been carefully tasted and selected by us for over 70 years with our experience. In our honey manufactory in the Black Forest, we produce honeys of the best quality for you manually with the utmost care. Our traditional production method guarantees that the valuable and healthy ingredients are preserved. Honeys from Honig Schmidt are 100% genuine natural products of the highest quality.

Our lavender honey tip: A lavender bath and a cup of lavender honey sweetened tea is pure relaxation! In French gourmet cuisine, lavender honey is combined with fine desserts, for example a sorbet or Creme Brulée.

Storage: dry, cool, dark

Note: Like other raw foods, honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months
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Energie: 308 Kcal
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Kohlenhydrate: 79,1 g
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