Linden or lime honey

The lime tree is a special tree for humans. In villages it often forms the village center on the village square or it line streets and magnificent avenues. In addition, the lime tree is a tree of which 2 different types of honey are produced: lime honey and lime blossom honey. Both types of honey are fantastic, taste excellent and are also known for their healing powers.

What is the difference between lime honey and lime blossom honey?

Although both honeys come from the lime tree, they differ significantly. Lime blossom honey is a pure flower honey. This means the honey is obtained from the nectar of the lime blossoms.

Linden honey, on the other hand, is a mixture of flower honey and honeydew honey. In honeydew, the bees collect the honeydew from lice that absorb the plant juice and excrete it as a sticky liquid. This liquid collect bees and process it into honey.

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What makes lime honey so special?

Linden honey is produced by honeydew. Since lice exclude the plant juice from linden trees, the lime tree needs a lot of moisture to produce it. This means that even lime trees, which have an increased need for water anyway, suffer from the hot and dry weather of recent years and the lime honey harvests are worse than in normal years.

As a result, lime honey varies from year to year and from region to region depending on weather conditions. The amount of honey in the lime honey determines colour and taste. The colour palette of the lime honey can range from yellow to dark orange to caramel.

In terms of taste, the lime honey is in principle slightly floral to spicy. The honey has a subtle aroma of medicinal herbs, characteristic is a slight aftertaste of menthol. Despite its spicy, strong taste, lime honey is never heavy.

Is linden or lime honey healthy?

The lime tree is a tree to which many healing powers are attributed. The same applies to lime honey. In the case of nervous conditions, lime honey helps with a calming and sleep-promoting effect. So if you have a glass of milk with honey before bed, you should use lime honey. It is also very suitable for sweetening in drinks such as tea.

Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects should also be highlighted.

Above all, lime honey is used for cold swells. A hot lime blossom tea with a spoonful of lime honey "relieves" the symptoms of coughing or bronchitis. The essential oils of the lime have a slimy effect.

Buy lime honey - what should you look out for?

When buying lime honey, make sure that you have a good quality and a high purity of varieties. The lime honey from Honig-Schmidt is characterized by an intense and strong linden aroma.

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