Make your own propolis mouthwash

A healthy oral flora and healthy gums are essential for human health. If the oral flora is unbalanced, it can quickly lead to bad breath, inflammation of the gums and, in the worst case, to periodontal disease.

Up to 700 bacteria live in our mouth and perform important functions. Most of the bacteria live on the tongue. However, there are also bacteria that are not so good for us. In a healthy oral cavity these are well kept in check, but if they outnumber them, they can quickly nestle in tooth pockets and cause tooth decay there and wreak more harm. Good oral care is therefore extremely important for the health of the organism.

Propolis can help keep the oral flora in balance and healthy.

Due to its many ingredients, propolis has a very broad spectrum of activity and is therefore used in both naturopathy and human medicine. Propolis is said to have antibacterial, fungicidal, cell protecting, antiviral and wound healing properties.

Propolis is a completely natural product, the different forms of action of which have been confirmed in numerous studies.

What is propolis made of?

Propolis consists of over 250 identified ingredients. Even if you now know the ingredients very well, propolis is a mystery, because only natural propolis has a balance that no industrially manufactured product can have. The busy bees produce this “miracle cure” all by themselves in a natural process. Propolis consists of approx. 50% resin and approx. 25% essential oils, pollen, minerals and trace elements, as well as flavones and acids.

The main ingredients are:

• Wax components

• Vitamins A, B, C, E, H or B7 (better known as biotin, the active ingredient for skin and hair)

• Iron, chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, magnesium, silicon

• enzymes

• Amino acids

• Bio-flavonoids

• Polyphenols

Make propolis mouthwash yourself:

When making propolis mouthwash, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the ingredients, both with propolis and with the oils.

Mouthwash recipe:

  • 20 drops of propolis tincture
  • 100 drops of thyme oil
  • 100 drops of sage oil
  • 100 drops of tea tree oil
  • 50 drops of peppermint oil

Application: Put approx. 3 drops of the mixture in a small glass of water and rinse your mouth with it for approx. 2-3 minutes after brushing your teeth. Also suitable for gargling.

Propolis products in our shop, especially for the mouth and tooth area:

If you don't want to spend a lot of time making a propolis mouthwash yourself, we offer perfectly coordinated propolis products for the care of the oral cavity:

Propolis toothpaste
Our propolis toothpaste creates a unique feeling of freshness in the mouth and breath and at the same time protects your oral flora and gums. Your oral mucous membranes will gratefully accept it and, with regular use, your sensitive mouth or gums will also thank you.

Propolis tincture 20%, 30% or 40%
For the production of our propolis solution, raw propolis is dissolved in pure, non-denatured alcohol in pharmacist quality in a process lasting several weeks. Our propolis solution is of the highest quality and is professionally manufactured. For external use, our propolis solution has been dermatologically tested in an independent institute.

Propolis mouthwash without alcohol
These propolis drops or propolis tincture are made on the basis of vegetable glycerine. It is used to keep the propolis liquid. The vegetable glycerine is obtained from the fatty acids in soy, coconuts and various types of grain. This alcohol-free propolis tincture does not contain any allergenic substances.

Alcohol-free propolis drops can contain a maximum of 10% to 15% propolis due to the poor solubility of pure propolis. This propolis solution contains 10% pure propolis.

Propolis mouthwash spray
With our alcohol-free propolis mouth spray, you no longer have to worry about bad breath. Unlike ordinary chewing gum with sugar or sweeteners, the propolis mouth spray with high-quality propolis not only ensures good breath but also protects your sensitive oral flora. Depending on your preference, you can use it several times a day. Our propolis mouth spray smells good, is unobtrusive and gives you wonderfully fresh breath.

Raw propolis pieces for chewing
Our raw propolis pieces are propolis in its most natural kind in raw pieces as raw propolis. Gently and sustainably harvested directly from the beehive. Ideal as a dietary supplement.

Many of our long-term customers use these products and report again and again how problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath, etc. have improved significantly in a short time and have finally disappeared completely. Give it a try.

Intolerance to propolis
Approx. 1% of all people have an intolerance to propolis, presumably as an allergic reaction to a certain proportion of bee pollen. Anyone who is allergic to bee stings or bee products should refrain from using propolis - both externally and internally through ingestion or addition to food. How to test if you are allergic to propolis: Apply the product to the inside of an arm. If a reaction occurs in the next few hours, you should not use any propolis products.

Be careful when buying propolis
In general, if you want to achieve the best effect, you should only buy high-quality propolis with the highest possible propolis content. In the case of inferior goods, the effect often leaves a lot to be desired. Do not save in the wrong place under any circumstances - a high-quality product cannot be found in the supermarket for a few euros. In addition, one should make sure that propolis is not contaminated.

We wish you every success and good health!

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