Honey is not only delicious on the breakfast roll or causes true wonders when coughed dissolved in warm milk. Honey is also not to be beaten as a drink in a convivial round. Here, of course, it is not the hot milk with honey that is meant here, but probably the oldest alcoholic drop that man knows: Met!

The Met was supposedly prepared by the ancient Germans more than 3,000 years ago. Probably at that time, as so often in history, one came across rather by chance that fermented honey tastes quite good and also has an intoxicating effect. The old Germans were certainly not aware at the time that Met had other positive effects on the human body only because of honey as a raw material. However, at least since the health apostle Sebastian Kneipp noticed that Met has a positive effect on the digestive tract, stimulates appetite and has a detoxifying effect, Met is no longer just a tasty alcoholic drink.

Nowadays, of course, nothing is left to chance in the production of Met. The fermentation process takes place strictly controlled and with the addition of precisely defined ingredients. The taste is also experimented here and there. If you start Met, for example, with a fruit juice instead of water, you get a completely different flavor and of course the color of the drink changes as a result.

If you don't want to drink the Met pure, but want to give this old drink a contemporary character, you can also mix Met with dry sparkling wine, for example, a kind of "honey royal", and this drink as an aperitif.

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