Oak honey - an exclusive and rare honey specialty

Old, gnarled cork oak forests with majestic oaks, located in a unique Greek nature in pristine oak forests, are the place where this very special premium oak honey has its origin. This exclusive honey specialty is as unique as the landscape from which the honey comes.

With our oak honey you are buying one of the rarest types of honey among all honeys. Oak honey belongs to the category of honey made from honeydew. Small insects sit on the bark of the oaks and secrete a sticky liquid. The busy bees ingest this valuable honeydew and process it into oak honey.

Because of its unique aroma with malty nuances, oak honey is a true specialty among connoisseurs. As with most other forest honeys, the color is dark and the honey has a liquid to viscous consistency. The taste of the oak honey is unmistakable: strong, not too sweet with a good counterbalance due to a slightly sour and malty note.

Oak honey can only very rarely be harvested in Germany. Our honey comes from the huge, almost untouched oak forests of Foloi at the foot of the Erymanthos in Elias, as well as from the oak forests next to the world-famous rocks of Meteora. In this untouched, sparsely populated nature, our beekeeper friend Asterios produces high-quality, ecological top-quality honey that more than deserves the addition of "Premium".

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Effect of oak honey:
One of the reasons oak honey is valued so highly is its high nutritional value. Rich in antioxidants and minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium, oak honey is our ally for the health of our body.

In addition, it contains a high content of enzymes, proteins and vitamins that support the metabolism and the proper functioning of vital organs. Research by the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki in 2015 after comparing 48 honey samples from all over the world showed that dark oak honey has the strongest antioxidant effect. Antioxidants are very important to the proper functioning of our body by protecting our immune system. An important trait that increases the nutritional value of oak honey is its high content of pollen.

About our beekeeper friend Asterios:
For our beekeeper friend Asterios, the production of innovative, high quality honey is a top priority. Of course, this completely rules out the use of antibiotics and pesticides. The honey is filtered using traditional and natural methods (natural clarification in barrels). Without thermal or other treatment, Asterios produces completely natural and unprocessed honey, which retains its natural consistency and taste and guarantees that all the valuable ingredients of the honey are retained. The standards and practices of organic beekeeping are consistently implemented. And you can taste it!

It is worth trying this oak honey and tasting one of the rarest types of honey.

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