Our beekeeper friend Asterios

Today we would like to introduce you to our beekeeper friend Asterios, who produces excellent, natural honeys in Greece.

His company is a family-run beekeeping company. It was founded by Asterios in 2013, largely driven by his interest in a more natural and sustainable way of life. Beekeeping began for him as a hobby. Asterios was fascinated by the world of bees and quickly developed the hobby into a full-time job.

The various honeys are mainly produced in the mountains of Northern Thrace in a truly pristine environment outside of urban pollution in a local ecosystem with extremely dense, aromatic flora from endemic, home-sown flower plants, trees and bushes.

Thyme, heather, acacia, pine, majestic oaks and wild oregano are just a small part of the flora that provides the hardworking bees with extraordinary food for the production of extraordinary honeys.

The mission that drives Asterios is the collection of high quality raw honey with the special characteristics of the flora of each location. Honey, like wine, varies from season to season and is completely dependent on changes in nature and weather conditions. Asterios and we too want to deliver a unique, natural handicraft product that is unadulterated to our customers in every harvest. The bee colonies of Asterios collect pollen, nectar and honey from hundreds of wild herbs and trees in northern Thrace, which are rich in aroma and intense taste. That is what makes it so unique and special.

With Asterios we have found a beekeeper whose name stands for the highest quality and reliability. His company stands for trust, professionalism, teamwork, innovation, but above all high quality that is non-negotiable.

Transporting bees to different locations in Greece allows for the collection of honey from different flowers and honeydew, which creates authentic flavors. The bee products promote health and beauty as their therapeutic properties are extremely important and contribute to longevity. In detail, honey is a natural sweet substance that held a special place in the ancient Greek world. In mythology, the nymph Melissa grew up, Zeus secretly gave him honey, and the gods of Olympus drank ambrosia, which contained honey. Hippocrates and Dioscorides, the fathers of medicine, supported the nutritional and medicinal value of honey, while Aristotle and Democritus pointed out its beneficial properties for health and longevity. The same diet was observed over the centuries by the Romans and later by the Byzantines.

Today, Greek honey stands for honey specialties that are among the best in the world, and that is because the bees can produce excellent raw honey due to the rich Greek flora varieties. The plants found within 3-5 km of the colonies determine the type and properties of the honey. The appearance, consistency, aroma and taste of the various elements characterize the quality of each type of honey. There are over 200 nutrients in honey and it is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and B vitamins, which are a source of energy, vitality, antioxidants and anti-aging properties and which contribute significantly to health protection.

Asterio's vision is to promote the authentic honey of Greece and the exceptional honey of its region. The commitment to quality is one of the main principles of what he does and we appreciate it very much. The manufacture of high quality products is an obligation towards our customers for Asterios as well as for us.

For our beekeeper friend Asterios, the production of innovative, high quality honey is a top priority. Of course, this completely rules out the use of antibiotics and pesticides. The honey is filtered using traditional and natural methods (natural clarification in barrels). Without thermal or other treatment, Asterios produces completely natural and unprocessed honey, which retains its natural consistency and taste and guarantees that all the valuable ingredients of the honey are retained. The standards and practices of organic beekeeping are consistently implemented. And you can taste it!

We are pleased that we can offer you 3 types of honey from Asterios in our shop: wonderful pine honey, rare oak honey and thyme honey from wild thyme.

Enjoy these excellent honeys!

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