Pine honey is another honey that is rather rare and very special. Pine honey is a honeydew honey. This means that the hardworking bees do not fly flowers to collect nectar, but absorb the honeydew, which emerges from the pine trees as a sugary, sticky liquid. More specifically, microorganisms such as shield and gutting lice absorb the valuable plant juice of the pine and excrete it as honeydew. This benefits the bees, which then convert the honeydew into honey.

Already in honeydew there are many organic acids, vitamins and sugars.

Where does the pine honey come from?

Large deposits of pine forests can be found around the Mediterranean, especially in the Greek and Turkish Aegean Seas. Pinetrees reach a height of 30 meters and besides the honey and wood of the pine, it is above all also the pine nuts, which are often used pure or in the kitchen.

In our claim to choose the best honey, this pine honey from Greece convinced us compared to Turkish due to its particularly full-bodied aroma and a more intense colour scheme. Our pine honey comes from a beekeeper who has ecologically oriented his entire honey production and harvests the valuable honey gently.

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What is special about pine honey?

If you want to try a new honey variety, our pine honey is just right. The taste is strong and spicy and when the honey is opened, a fine aroma emanates – wonderfully Mediterranean-scented of pine and herbs of the South.

Pine honey is also given some healing powers. A spoonful of honey-schmidt pine honey in a cup of tea has a mucous effect and relieves the coughing irritation in cold diseases. In addition, it boosts the immune balance. The pine honey can also be used in many different ways in the kitchen, especially for desserts. But it also gives a marinade a certain extra touch.

Buy pine honey - what should you look out for?

When purchasing the pine honey, pay attention to the quality and a high purity of varieties. Our beekeeper friend Asterios from Greece produces honey according to ecological considerations.

Our pine honey is honey in the best quality. We offer it in 2 variants: in honey glass of 500gr or in a golden honey bucket of 2.5kg.

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More detailed information about all our honeys can be found here.

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