Humans found out early on that a well-organized hive has more to offer than incubators, honey and wax. Even the ancient Egyptians found a substance in the cracks and in front of the flight holes of bee nests that could apparently stop decay processes – and used the miracle drug posthumously to embed their deceased. Countless pharaohs, priests and high-ranking personalities benefited posthumously from the microstatic power of the bee glue. Modern man no longer uses the propolis for embedring, but the hype around the potent putty substance is unbroken. Scientists have found that the resinous mass contains a variety of effective substances. Propolis contains, among other things, polysaccharides, phenols and flavonoids, which are also used as individual substances pharmaceutically.

The turbo glue from the hive is on the market in various preparations, commercially available dosage forms are ointments, tinctures and a fine-grained granules. Propolis Aurica, the "golden" propolis (from Latin aurum – the gold), is one of the branded preparations that can be bought on the market. Connoisseurs appreciate these products because they transport the entire force of the putty substance both internally and externally. In addition, there are good dosing properties and consumer-friendly pack sizes. For example, the granules can be portioned individually in such a way that it exactly corresponds to the actual demand. The ointment is economical and long-lasting despite gentle preparation. Propolis Aurica mouth drops are also popular, which are used for the bee-strong care of gums, mouth and throat. In an ethanolic solution, resins, minerals and essential oils can develop their full effect. Reason enough to treat yourself to a mouthwash addition from nature from time to time during daily dental care.

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