Propolis drops without alcohol

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These Propolis drops, also called Propolis Tincture, are made based on vegetable glycerin. It is used to keep the propolis liquid.

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  • Propolis solution of the highest quality based on vegetable glycerin
  • Crafted professionally without preservatives
  • With Propolis, the bee's antibacterial protection complex
  • Propolis solution with 10% pure propolis
  • Excellent value for money
Naturprodukte Natural products from the beehive
Versand Delivered with care
Traditionsbetrieb Traditional Black Forest honey manufactory since 1948

Buy Propolis drops witzhout alkohol now

These Propolis drops, also called Propolis Tincture, are made based on vegetable glycerin. It is used to keep the propolis liquid. The vegetable glycerin is derived from the fatty acids of soy, coconuts and various cereals. This propolis tincture without alcohol does not contain allergenic substances.

Alcohol-free Propolis drops can contain max. 10% to 15% propolis due to the poor solvability of the pure propolis. This Propolis solution includes 10% pure Propolis.

You can buy the Propolis solution alcohol-free from us without any preservatives.

Difference Propolis solution without alcohol to that with alcohol:

• Lower propolis content (here 20% crude propolis)
• Best-before date approx. 3 years from date of manufacture
• Propolis tincture without alcohol has a better tolerability especially in children or animals
• 100% water soluble
• Improved and better tolerated formulation

Many of our long-standing regular customers are enthusiastic and no longer want to miss the Propolis tincture in their home pharmacy. Try it for yourself!

Our Propolis Tincture Tip: Particularly suitable for cosmetic use on the skin in case of skin impurities and problems or in the oral cavity for dental and gum care. Can be diluted with water if necessary.

Important note on PAHs in propolis
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs for short) generally appear in fine dust and are considered to be potentially carcinogenic. Therefore, despite the lack of a statutory maximum amount regulation for bee products, they should also be kept as low as possible in propolis. Among other things, through the use of smokers, the so-called PAHs get into the beehives and thus also increasingly into the propolis and beeswax.

In cooperation with our manufacturer, the extractors and the authorities involved, we began some time ago to optimize the production of our propolis tinctures. The aim was to minimize the PAHs in our solutions. This includes stricter purchasing controls with regard to the PAHs for raw materials and extracts as well as optimized processing and cleaning of the propolis solutions.

Our extractors achieve this, among other things, by means of innovative filtration techniques, which make it possible to filter out insoluble fine dust, sometimes containing PAHs, from the solutions even better than before.

As a result of this significant improvement in quality, however, the aroma and color of the propolis tinctures may differ slightly from the qualities you are familiar with up to now. The color is sometimes a little lighter and the aroma a little softer. However, these changes do not in any way affect the amount of propolis in our tinctures.

Result: Our tinctures / solutions are, simply put, cleaner or purer with the same propolis content! With these quality improvement and assurance measures, we make trading this valuable product even safer. We are of course at your disposal for further detailed questions on this topic at any time.

Content: 20ml

All products are manufactured under strict control and, of course, are not tested on animals. Do not use in case of allergy or intolerance to propolis. Do not store within reach of children.
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