The Propolis is a naturally occurring very great stoffl. It is used by bees in the hive to protect against disease, fungal or bacterial infestation. Since propolis is a natural substance, it is of course not a problem at all in humans and especially in animals. However, before the Propolis is used in animals, you should consult with your veterinarian. He knows exactly how and in what form the propolis could be applied.

Propolis is applicable to many animals. For example, it is used in dogs, cats, horses and birds. It can often be read that in case of worm infestation Propolis in Powder Forum can be added to the animal's feed.

However, the numerous ingredients of the Propolis make it possible for this natural substance to be used as a versatile natural remedy. For example, wounds can also be coated with propolis or smeared. Then Propolis is used as a balm. The consistency is very viscous and therefore the balm adheres excellently to the skin. It thus works efficiently and helps long-lasting on the skin. In case of inflammation, propolis becomes disinfecting and wound pain can also be relieved. However, it should be noted that a doctor should always be consulted when used.

Since the Propolis is a natural product, the reactions to it can of course be quite different. There may even be allergic reactions. In this case, treatment with Propolis should be within editis immediately.

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