Propolis is a resin-like putty substance that bees use to seal their sticks. In nature, the so-called bee glue is a real disinfectant that can damage fungi and bacteria before they can harm the precious brood or the adult animals. Man uses the propolis raw, as a powder or in liquid form. Propolitintures are used as a liquid preparation, which can be easily produced by yourself with the help of a high-percentage medical alcohol.

As a starting material you need propolis powder or raw propolis, as you can get them from the beekeeper or via the Internet. The dried chunks can be ground into a fine powder in an old coffee grinder or stomped in a mortar. The crushed raw material is then placed in a dark vessel and poured with 70% – 95% ethanol. Pure alcohol can be obtained in the desired concentration in the pharmacy. On average, about 50 g of propolis is calculated per 100 ml of wine spirit. The vessel is sealed and stored at room temperature for at least two weeks. During this time, the most important ingredients are released from the starting mass and can develop their effect optimally. Before use, the brew is filtered over a fine-meshed paper or net – and the homemade propoliton is ready.

The ethanolic extract can be applied intheinwardly, propolis pots can also be taken with milk, tea or on a piece of sugar to cover the bitter taste. Externally, the Propolis can be liquefied, brushed or inhaled. Mouthwashes with propolitism are also common. And finally, the liquid popolis can of course also be perfectly incorporated into ointments, creams and packs.

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