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Propolis is one of the most popular bee products and with us you will find Propolis of the best quality in many shapes and variations. Propolis is the protective complex with which bees have been protecting themselves from viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi for millions of years. People have been taking advantage of this for a long time. Propolis, also called bee-kitt resin, is used by bees to tighten all cracks on moving parts such as doors, windows, sliders and more in the hive. Beekeepers often have trouble loosening these parts. The propolis extracted from the hive consists of more than 250 identified ingredients in a balance that no industrially produced dietary supplement can have. With us you will find a variety of Propolis products: Propolis powder: Our Propolis powder is very popular as it is pure raw propolis, which has been cleaned of wax and ground into powder. The Propolis powder is finally sifted by hand to guarantee absolutely the finest Propolis powder for our customers. Propolis tinctures: Propolis is usually dissolved in alcohol (pharmacist quality) and filtered. The alcohol has a preserving effect, so that the valuable ingredients of Propolis are preserved in the propolis tincture. The propolis tincture is composed of propolis and alcohol in a ratio of 20%, 30% or 40%. We also offer a propolis tincture without alcohol, which can also be used well in pets. In the case of propolis tincture without alcohol consists of propolis and a water-based solution. Bee bread/Perga: Bee bread or perga is relatively rare and contains other ingredients such as honey and jelly royale in addition to propolis. We are pleased to offer bee bread in the best quality at this price. Cosmetics: In our shop you will find a variety of cosmetic products that optimally combine the active ingredients of Propolis with other high-quality and nourishing components. No matter which Propolis product you choose, at Honig-Schmidt you will find only Propolis of the best quality and purity. Honig-Schmidt – the honey specialist from the Black Forest with more than 70 years of experience