Rosemary honey

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  • Noble honey specialty for honey lovers
  • Herbal-like aroma and yellow to golden color
  • Fancy honey at a top price
  • 100% Natural Honey
  • From our honey manufactory from the Black Forest with over 70 years of experience

Buy excellent Rosmary honey now

This high-quality rosemary honey is a real rarity for honey lovers. The fine, subtle herbal aroma spoils the palate. Wild-growing rosemary shrubs give this 100% natural honey its intense color and noble flavor. If you are looking for an exceptional flavor compared to conventional honeys, the rosemary honey from Honig-Schmidt is just right. Due to its mild aroma, rosemary honey has long been an insider tip in any gourmet kitchen.

The essential oils of rosemary are also preserved in the rosemary honey of Honig-Schmidt, so that healing powers are also attributed to it.

In our claim to choose the best honey, this rosemary honey convinced us with a subtle and very fine rosemary note, as well as its excellent consistency and coloring. We are pleased to offer you this exceptional honey variety at this top price. If you want to try a new honey variety, our rosemary honey is just right. Our long-standing regular customers are enthusiastic about this quality.

Our rosemary honey is pure honey of the highest quality, which convinces. From Honig-Schmidt - the traditional honey manufacture from the Black Forest.

Every honey variety and every honey harvest has been carefully tasted and selected by us for over 70 years with our experience. In our honey manufacture in the Black Forest, we produce honeys of the best quality for you manually with the utmost care. Our traditional production method guarantees that the valuable and healthy ingredients are preserved. Honeys from Honig-Schmidt are 100% genuine natural products of the highest quality.

Our Rosemary honey tip: Rosemary honey is used in gourmet cuisine by connoisseurs. In particular, it fits with strong game and cattle dishes, for example as an ingredient to the marinade.

Storage: dry, cool, dark

Note: Like other raw foods, honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months
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