Royal jelly is the feeding juice of queen bees, which gives them an old age.

It determines a fertilized bee egg to the queen, as the queen larvae are fed with royal jelly throughout the development period and the queen is supplied with this substance even later. The fifties of the queen bee are due to the royal jelly. Royal jelly is also used for humans.

What is Royal Jelly?
The queens of the bee state develop from the sage food juice gelée Royale. These are larger than the bee workers and have a much longer life time (about 5 years), thanks to this substance.
Geleé royal is whitish and doughy substance with sour taste. It is often also known by the synonym bee queen juice.

Royal jelly application:
Researchers have been working on the fabric of nature since about 1950 to present it to humanity with the greatest benefit. Very often jelly royale is mixed as powder in honey. Thus, both bee porducts have been perfectly combined.

Royal Jelly for sale. We sell Royal jelly in:

  • Royal Jelly Capsules
  • Pure royal jelly as powder*
  • Fresh pure jelly Royale jelly Royal Cosmetics (e.B. cream honey mixed with 3-5g pure jelly royale)
  • *Frie-dried and the fresh royal jelly has been removed from the water, so that the powder is about 3 times as concentrated

Royal Jelly Price
It doesn't always have to be expensive to take advantage of nature. In the case of slingshot prices, however, it should be ensured that the goods also come from Europe or Germany.

The taste of the Royal jelly is delicately sour and sweet. It tastes best with honey.

Composition of Royal Jelly:
It contains 70% water, 50% proteins, 25% carbohydrates, 30% dry matter, 16% fats, 9% minerals and others. Dry and dark storage is an advantage.

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