Royal jelly, the crowning glory of bee products

Of all the treats and nutrients that a hive has to offer, the Royal jelly is the most prestigious. Only specialized beekeepers are able to whisk the queen's food juice from their bees, even in modest quantities. The yield is a maximum of 500 g per year, because the stand-conscious insects prepare only a few of their fellows until adulthood a special potion. The common bee gets pollen and honey after the first larval stages. The royal offspring, on the other hand, is raised up to sexual maturity with the so-called sage food juice, which contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and last but not least proteins in a special active combination.

The cosmetics and food industry has long discovered the potent potency of royal jelly. The turbo material from the hive is used as a natural building substance in countless creams, lotions and face masks and also enriches dietary supplements with minerals, trace elements and valuable vitamins of the B group. In the past, the queen juice was even considered a miracle drug, which was used in a wide variety of infirmities. It is now known that royal jelly has no supernatural powers. Skin, hair and the metabolism of humans are nevertheless happy when they come back to enjoy a special nutrient medium, which already served the ancient Egyptians as an anti-aging substance.

By the way: In the wild, every bee is potentially a queen. Science has now found that the further life of a bee larvae depends exclusively on the diet. Honey and propolis turn the carefully energised brood into hardworking working bees, while the Royal Jelly genetically paves the way for the royal career.

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