Bee pollen is healthy because it

  • have vitamins that actively support cell regeneration
  • contain enzymes that promote healthy digestion (regulation of intestinal activity)
  • contain many antioxidants that protect the body's cells against free radicals
  • have partially "addiction-suppressing" effects on
  • due to the nearness of the pollen, have an uplifting, strengthening and "stimulating" effect on metabolism and circulation
  • intensify and support vision
  • effect an active promotion of cerebral circulation
  • strengthen the fine blood vessels in the heart and brain
  • have a positive effect on mental health problems

Bee pollen supports our health:

  • positive effect on the bones and bone structure
  • have been shown to help fight allergies, asthma and chronic sinus itinerary
  • supports cell renewal and improves tissue
  • positive effect on mental health problems
  • helps against signs of fatigue, improves endurance and accelerates the regeneration of body and muscles
  • positive effects in osteoporosis
  • in case of weight and strength gain, the pollen has a positive effect
  • relieves loss of appetite
  • can lower cholesterol levels
  • helps the liver detoxify
  • general strengthening of the immune system
  • natural antibiotic and antioxidant effect

Unfortunately, many bee pollen products are contaminated with pesticides due to intensive agriculture and the use of pesticides. The pollen from Spain, which you can buy in our shop, is free of residues.

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