Premium thyme honey from wild thyme

Thyme belongs to the labial family and has a large number of different genera. In Greece (this is where our thyme honey comes from) the plant was first used in antiquity for medicinal purposes or further processed to support incense mixtures.

Thyme has a high concentration of essential oils. The essential oil of thyme is still used to this day, for example in sauna infusions or for hot baths to relax the airways. Thyme is used in both homeopathy and conventional medicine.

Thyme originally comes from Africa and is a very frugal plant. Due to its robust growth and its low nutrient requirements, the plant is grown across Europe. The plant grows preferably upwards as a shrub and forms spike-shaped flowers. These attract bees in droves - thyme is a real bee pasture. The busy bees collect the nectar and present the famous thyme honey.

Wild thyme is the garb plant for this special honey delicacy. With a long flowering period from May to October, wild thyme is a dream for every bee colony and the bees reward us with a very special honey specialty.

The color of thyme honey is light to amber and its taste is intense with a fine herbal nuance. As soon as you open the honey, you will perceive the aroma of the Mediterranean summer.

Its taste is sweet and pleasant with a high concentration of fructose. Thyme honey is also a blossom honey, but its taste is a bit bitter than that of other blossom honeys.

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Effect of thyme honey:
Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, thyme honey is one of the most valuable honeys and has been valued in natural medicine since ancient times. Greek thyme honey is rich in carbohydrates, which we find mainly in the form of glucose and fructose, while at the same time being high in pollen grains.

Its nutritional value is high because it contains a large amount of minerals and trace elements such as copper, magnesium, calcium, silicon, zinc, manganese, iron and boron. In addition, thyme honey contains valuable antioxidants, mainly flavonoids, which help protect our body and cells from free radicals. The proportion of essential oils is also higher than in other types of honey. Thymol, the essential oil of thyme, is also found in thyme honey. This oil has a positive effect on a variety of respiratory diseases and also has a healing effect in the form of honey.

Origin of our thyme honey:
Our thyme honey comes from Greece from our beekeeper friend Asterios. Asterios transports its bees to remote locations in Galaxidi, Grammatiko, and the island of Kea. There, the busy bees, far away from people and pollution, collect fine, single-variety thyme honey.

There are many who consider thyme honey to be the most delicious honey found in Greek nature. And the truth is, who can wrong them? Golden amber color, summer aromas and unmatched taste complete the delicious range of properties of thyme honey. This humble plant, growing in the driest places with minimal requirements, gives one of the most famous honeys in Greece.

The properties of thyme honey make it an ideal choice for any consumer. In particular, athletes, children and those who are intensely mentally active, such as B. Students should include thyme honey in their daily diet because of its beneficial properties.

About our beekeeper friend Asterios:
For our beekeeper friend Asterios, the production of innovative, high-quality honeys has top priority. Of course, this completely rules out the use of antibiotics and pesticides. The honey is filtered using traditional and natural methods (natural clarification in barrels). Without thermal or other treatment, Asterios produces completely natural and unprocessed honey, which retains its natural consistency and taste and guarantees that all the valuable ingredients of the honey are retained. The standards and practices of organic beekeeping are consistently implemented. And you can taste it!

Our thyme honey is pure honey that convinces. From Honig-Schmidt - the traditional company from the Black Forest.

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