Below are our top 10 tips for using honey in the kitchen

Honey is an indispensable part of the kitchen. On the one hand, it is a healthy substitute for sugar, especially for desserts, cakes and sweets, and on the other hand, it gives various dishes a special flavor note. In the following we have put together 10 kitchen tips for honey that you should read briefly before preparing one of our many recipe ideas:

  1. Honey is a sensitive food that loses its valuable, healthy ingredients, such as enzymes, when heated to over 40 degrees. Many healthy components of honey are simply sensitive to heat and are lost during baking, boiling or cooking. Of course, honey can be heated and it doesn't affect the taste either. We therefore recommend adding the honey to the finished meal or the drink that has cooled down to drinking temperature, if possible.
  2. Honey is very suitable for sweetening warm drinks, due to its health-promoting properties, especially for colds (e.g. in tea). But here, too, the following applies: the hotter the drink and the longer it remains in a drink that is too hot, the more valuable and health-promoting ingredients are destroyed. So first let your tea or your hot milk cool down to drinking temperature and then add the honey.
  3. Honey is a healthy sugar substitute and can replace industrial granulated sugar in almost all dishes. Here honey can either support the taste of the food or give the dish its own flavor note due to its strong taste. In our recipe suggestions, we usually recommend a well-fitting honey.
  4. Viscous honey can be liquefied if you warm it up slightly (caution: not above 40 degrees). Incidentally, this also applies if the honey has crystallized. Simply warm it up in a water bath on the stove and then let it cool down. The sugar crystals then liquefy again.
  5. Food and baked goods that have been prepared with honey can be frozen. This does not affect the quality of the honey.
  6. Sour fruits or sauces, marinades, soups or dishes with a sour component can be perfectly combined with honey. Honey enhances its own taste and serves as a counterbalance to the sour content.
  7. As a marinade, honey browns relatively quickly during frying or preparation. In this case, it is better to apply the marinade a little later. In principle, excellent and sophisticated marinades for fish and meat can be prepared from honey.
  8. When buying your muesli, check whether it already contains added sugar. We recommend that you buy a high-quality muesli with no added sugar as a base. With fresh fruit and a dash of liquid honey, it is not only particularly tasty, but also particularly healthy.
  9. Did you know that honey attracts water? Therefore, you should not bake pastries that should stay crispy with honey. In general, you should be careful to seal honey as quickly as possible, as it draws moisture from the air.
  10. The sweet flavors of honey can also counterbalance the salty taste. If, for example, a roast has got too much salt, you can brush it with honey. The honey sweetness neutralizes part of the salty taste, and it also gives the roast a nice crust. This also works for other dishes such as soups or sauces.

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