White fir honey 500g Glass

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  • Weight
  • Noble gourmet rarity - the specialty of our house
  • Magnificent dark color, strong-spicy taste with slightly malty touch
  • Absolute premium honey at a fantastic price-value ratio
  • Such a High Quality Honey will hardly be found in any shop or supermarket
  • From our honey manufactory from the Black Forest with more than 70 years of experience

Buy Premium White Fir Honey from Black Forest now

Our white fir honey is the premium honey among honeydew honeys. It convinces with the best quality and an incomparable taste experience. Let it melt on the tongue and you will immediately be reminded of the scent of spicy forest air, as well as the wonderful fir aroma. Our white fir honey is a feast for the sense of taste.

Genuine, varietal white fir honey is very rare and therefore precious. It is obtained by honeybees, which collect only the honeydew of white firs. Extensive and untouched white fir forests exist especially in Central and Eastern Europe. The drought of recent years is also causing problems for the white fir trees, so that good harvests have become even rarer. The white fir grows mainly in mountainous regions between 500m and 2800m.

Our real white fir honey has an antioxidant effect. This is due to its high content of minerals, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes.

In our claim to choose the best honey, this pure white fir honey with a strikingly darker color and a finer aroma. We are pleased to offer you this honey rarity at this truly unbelievable price-performance ratio. Our long-standing regular customers are enthusiastic about this quality.

Our pure white fir honey is pure honey of the highest quality, which convinces. From Honig-Schmidt - the traditional honey manufactory from the Black Forest.

Every honey variety and every honey harvest has been carefully tasted and selected by us for over 70 years with our experience. In our honey manufactory, we produce honeys of the best quality for you manually with the utmost care. Our traditional production method guarantees that the valuable and healthy ingredients are preserved.

Honeys from Honig-Schmidt are 100% genuine natural products of the highest quality.

Our white fir honey tip: The white fir has been considered a medicinal plant since ancient times. Our white fir honey with antibacterial properties helps particularly well with bruising and other small bleaching sands by applying.

Storage: dry, cool, dark

Note: Like other raw foods, honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months

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