Wildflower honey

A honey may only be referred to as wildflower honey if it is ensured that the honeybees have collected the nectar exclusively from the flowers of wild plants. A pure wildflower honey was therefore guaranteed to be collected in a nature untouched by humans, because domesticated crops must not serve as a basis for wildflower honey.

In our industrial-agricultural landscape, it is therefore not easy to produce pure wild flower honey. This rare type of honey therefore often comes from the low mountains of central and especially Eastern Europe, where there are still many untouched areas without intensive agriculture. It is mostly imported from Guatemala from overseas.

The industrious bees collect the nectar from different flowers of wild plants, flowers and herbs.

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What is special about wildflower honey?

The colour of the wildflower honey is light to amber and its taste mild and sweet, albeit quite strong.

Therefore, wildflower honey is also used for sweetening food and salads.

When processing wild flower honey, we pay attention to gentle harvesting and, above all, processing. So that we do not have to heat the honey, it is constantly stirred and thus finally gets its delicatemelting, creamy consistency. Excessive heating would liquefy the honey and also lose valuable ingredients.

In principle, wildflower honey does not crystallize faster than other honey. Crystallization of honey is not a lack of quality – quite the opposite! Honey produced by the fact that the bees do not collect the nectar of flowers or the honeydew from trees, but by feeding them with sugar water contains no nutrients and does not crystallize.

Another tip for crystallization: you can liquefy the honey again by heating it in a water bath. Of course, very slowly and not above 40 degrees, so that the valuable ingredients in the wild flower honey are preserved.

Buy wildflower honey - what should you look out for?

Make sure you buy high quality wild flower honey. Often, terms such as multi-flower honey are used in honey. This does not necessarily indicate a wildflower honey – probably the opposite. Also, wildflower honey should not be mixed if possible. Sometimes wildflower honey is mixed from different countries, as the yields from one region or country are insufficient.

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