beeswax wraps

New in our shop: organic beeswax cloths Our beeswax wraps from Wildwyx are 100% plastic-free food packaging. They protect edibles like a second bowl, let food breathe and live longer. With the great, hand-made bee guard cloths, you can keep fresh, freeze, cover and take with you in a particularly sustainable and natural way. Annoying cling film or space-consuming plastic cans are no longer necessary! And best of all: In the protective layer made of organic cotton and antibacterial organic beeswax, your food stays fresh, crisp and healthy for longer. This also reduces food waste by the way. Over and over again. The beeswax cloths can be shaped with hand warmth and adhere precisely to any shape. The beeswax cloth • lets your food breathe • is naturally antibacterial thanks to the organic beeswax, spruce resin and organic coconut oil • is washable, reusable many times and therefore environmentally friendly • adapts to the shape of the container or the food • is lovingly made by hand • is fully compostable (zero waste) There is a suitable cloth size for every packaging project: the beeswax cloths in small, medium, large, x-large and the individually cut roll keep everything fresh - from the smallest lemon to a kilo portion of rye bread. The practical beeswax bags are particularly suitable for those who are lazy about folding and for the fixed packaging and taking away of small sandwiches, nut mixes, berries or small snack vegetables. The large version even accommodates potatoes, larger quantities of legumes or fruit. All beeswax wraps are certified organic and made from 100% natural raw materials. They are handcrafted in a small Frankfurt factory. The GOTS-certified cotton fabric is coated with a mixture of German organic beeswax, spruce resin and organic coconut oil. This unique mix makes our beeswax cloths particularly supple and durable. They can be reused up to 500 times. At the end of the day, you can easily compost used cloths and return them to nature. The advantages at a glance: Bye plastic: With the use of our beeswax you help to reduce plastic. No more clear or aluminum foil. Stable and self-adhesive: The special and proven mixture of organic beeswax, spruce resin and organic coconut oil ensures optimal protection and hold. Real, fair craftsmanship: The beeswax cloths are carefully and laboriously produced by hand. Social, fair, local and sustainable, of course. No risk to health: All raw materials are carefully selected, absolutely harmless and approved and certified for use with food. Great design: The colorful, great design of the towels not only pleases the food, but also the eye. Best quality: We made a conscious decision to use beeswax cloths from Wildwax for our shop. The quality of the towels is excellent and you will also be delighted. Of course, we also use them ourselves.