Sunflower honey:

Who doesn't know and love them, the large sunflower fields where the huge sunflowers with their large yellow flowers stretch towards the sun in summer? We find this summer splendor you taste with every spoon full of sunflower honey.

Originally from North and Central America, the sunflower was revered by the Incas as an image of your sun god.

The sunflower is a robust and resistant plant and has been cultivated in our latitudes since the 17th century. Sunflower oil and sunflower seeds are two other products made from sunflower.

The sunflower with its rich yellow color always turns towards the sun during the day. You can taste this intense sun aroma in our sunflower honey.

Sunflower honey is one of the most creamy and aromatic honeys. The honeybees fly over huge fields full of sunflowers and taste the delicious nectar. This honey is currently considered by beekeepers to be one of the best honeys ever. Sunflower honey is not easy to extract. The sunflowers need plenty of sunshine and warmth, as well as enough moisture to form enough nectar for the sunflower honey.

The sunflower honey is characterized by a strong yellow color. It can be candied very quickly and can take on a yellowish to yellow-brown color for freshly hurled honeys.

Sunflower honey is produced between mid-July and mid-August.

For the production of sunflower honey, it is important that the sunflowers are grown without any exposure to pesticides and the like. Special breeding fields are available for this purpose. In addition, the sunflower honey can be extracted particularly well by the process of cold slinging. This gentle way of preparation ensures the incomparable, mild taste, which comes without any rigour. Sunflower honey therefore takes on a beautiful yellow colour, which makes you want more when looking at the glass.

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What makes sunflower honey so special?

Sunflower honey is also often used in the kitchen. It is mainly used as a particularly tasty and natural sweetener. He likes to use it to sweeten jams or fruit salads. It can also give fruity desserts the special sweetness. Sunflower honey is also often used in Asian cuisine, where it can once again underline the typical sweet and sour taste.

The medicinal effect of sunflower honey should not be underestimated. Did you know that in Japanese and Chinese schools, eating 50g of honey daily is mandatory for schoolchildren? Sunflower honey is often used here.

Sunflower honey contains important minerals, trace elements and vitamine such as vitamin D, E, B1, B2, B6, C and K.

In naturopathy, sunflower honey is traditionally used for colds. Add a teaspoon of honey to the slightly cooled tea. Alternatively, mix 100g sunflower honey with the juice of 1 lemon and consume 1 tbsp 3x daily. This alleviates cold problems.

Buy sunflower honey - you have to pay attention to this:

Sunflower honey crystallizes faster than other honeys. But this is not a lack of quality – quite the opposite! Sunflower honey, like many other honey sorts, is heated for bottling. If it is to be done quickly, the honey is not only heated, but heated quickly. But be careful: from a temperature of more than 40 degrees, the vitamins in sunflower honey are completely destroyed. If the honey is heated even more strongly, other valuable additives such as enzymes or destroyed and the honey loses its antibacterial properties.

There is another clue to why the crystallization of honey is a characteristic of a special, natural honey. Honey produced by the fact that the bees do not collect the nectar of flowers or the honeydew from trees, but by feeding them with sugar water contains no nutrients and does not crystallize. But it's also a dead food. Many industrially produced supermarket honeys are made in this way. Therefore, you will hardly find a high-quality sunflower honey in the supermarket.

Another tip for crystallization: you can liquefy the honey again by heating it in a water bath. Of course very slowly and not above 40 degrees.

We slowly heat the sunflower honey in our honey factory and pay attention to the right temperature. By constantly stirring, we preserve the excellent creaminess. The honey is then allowed to rest before it is bottled by us.

Our sunflower honey is honey in the best quality. We offer it in 2 variants: in honey glass of 500gr or in a golden honey bucket of 2.5kg.

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More detailed information about all our honey strains can be found in our honey blog.

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