The fir honey

Fir honey is one of the most valuable and precious honeys.

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It's typical that fir honey is deep brown or back-greenish. Our fir honey is natural finish without miscellaneous. It has a strong, acerb taste. Consumers like that honey that much that the demand is most often bigger than the supply.

Der seltene tiefdunkle und stark aromatische Tannenhonig ist mittlerweile eine Rarität für Feinschmecker.

Tannenhonig kaufen / Schwarzwald Tannenhonig

The rare dark and strongly aromatic fir honey is meanwhile a rarity for gourmets.

Bees collect the spicy-sweet honeydew from fir needles. Due to a natural composite fir honey is eminently healthy and digestible. Since a long time the contained essential oils are said to be helpful concerning colds and bronchia illnesses. We sell cold centrifuged fir honey to sustain the nutrients and flavouring.

Fir honey stays very long in a viscous state before it begins to crystallise.

It is favoured because of the precious ingredients of the fir honey
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Black Forest fir honey, apiarist honey

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